The Two Last Voices Left in British Journalism

I’m talking about George Galloway and Tony Gosling. In the present total dystopia we now live in, how these two are still allowed to broadcast is beyond me. Galloway is on the mainstream TalkRadio UK, and his show is usually on a Friday evening from 7pm to 10pm UK time. However, George Galloway often stands in for other presenters and can often be found in different slots (see the link above).

Tony Gosling is an ex-BBC man. He now presents BCfm’s weekly Politics Show. BCfm is a local radio station in Bristol, England. Gosling’s politics show goes out every Friday evening between 6pm and 8pm UK time (you can find it here). The first hour of Gosling’s show tends to concentrate on Bristol-centric issues. The second hour is all about international politics, and it’s well worth a listen, because it highlights the BBC, Sky, et al, as the total presstitutes that they are.

Again, Tony Gosling deals with cutting edge/real stuff. If you want to listen to George Galloway and Tony Gosling you might get some inclination into the absolute low life muppets in the mainstream media who take huge amounts of money to tell you the ‘news’; ie, they take huge amounts of money to lie to you and deceive you. Morality, what’s that?

Here’s Galloway’s show from yesterday, 23rd July. Methinks that George Galloway won’t be allowed on the UK mainstream media for much longer…

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