UK Politics Is Rather Complicated at the Moment

As usual, where to begin. I suppose we could begin with last week, when the UK Parliament closed down for the summer recess (aka a three month jolly). Prime minister Theresa May tried to table a motion proposing to shut down Parliament five days early, because her government is on its last legs. This is not only because of mega splits in the Tory party over Brexit, but also because May’s government is kept in power because of a very slim majority, propped up by a small number of Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) MPs in Northern Ireland; and of course Brexit will mean an Irish border somewhere, and that will most likely be in the middle of the Irish sea, which won’t please the DUP.

So how’s all this going to pan out..? Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party are now six points ahead in the opinion polls, and it looks likely that if there’s a general election sometime soon Corbyn will form the next government. Problem is, the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 which can only be overturned if two thirds of MPs vote for a general election. This seems highly unlikely with a split Tory party knowing they’d face defeat, and more than half of Labour MPs being Blairite neo-cons who’d rather lose a general election than see Corbyn as PM. What is likely to happen is that Theresa May’s government will lose its slim majority and will no longer be able to pass legislation. In this event, the Queen (yes, it’s still the Queen who decides these matters in ‘modern’ Britain) will command the Conservative party to form another government with a different leader. If this new Conservative government still can’t command a majority in the House of Commons, and thus still can’t pass legislation, the Queen will ask Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party to form a government. In the event of this the Fixed-term Parliaments Act will most likely be overturned, because more than two thirds of MPs will do anything to stop Jeremy Corbyn forming a government. These neo-con traitor MPs are totally out of touch with the real world, because any general election will most likely see a victory (by a good margin) for Jeremy Corbyn. At this point the CIA will really step in, which is another story; but it does bring me onto the other ball of wool here: the ‘novichok’ poisoning in Salisbury, and now again in Amesbury are such blatant and incompetent false flags that it’s hard to see how the presstitutes can ignore this much longer. This is on top of ‘ISIS terror attacks’ last year in the run-up to and during the general election (here for more details on this). It was all quite blatant political terrorism carried out by the Establishment. People are starting to wake up to this now, and once they are fully awake, that’s it: pouff! the present government are not only out of power, most of them will be arrested and put on trial.

I’ve written at length elsewhere about how completely mad the neo-cons are. They are ideologues easily on a par with the Nazis (and the neo-cons have killed far more people than the Nazis ever did). The only reason the neo-cons can stay in power is because they completely control the narrative; ie, they completely control the mainstream media, and have created a race to the bottom, dog eat dog society where good people are too afraid to speak out against them – another echo of the Nazis.

But history shows that good people do often prevail. I’m not sure how this is going to pan out in the UK at the moment. I will say that I believe it’s highly likely that there will be a general election in the UK before this year is out.

In the meantime we have this…

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