The Psychopaths Who Rule Us

I’ve never been a big fan of Alex Jones, but what they’ve just done to him is beyond the pale, because free speech is so important, even if you don’t agree with what’s being said. I’m of the opinion that Alex Jones is part of the QAnon PsyOp, but I can live with that, because all voices should be heard, including the propaganda. We are all adults, and we can make up our own mind about what’s real and what’s not. Having said that, a huge number of people bought into the President Obama rollocks (and still do), despite the fact that all of Obama’s actions were to the contrary. Same thing with President Trump. I’m reminded of John Lydon’s closing remark at the end of the Sex Pistols’ final gig in San Francisco: “ever get the feeling you’ve been conned”.

The Alex Jones thang is being framed by many as the first major attack on the alternate media. This is patently untrue: the psychopaths who rule us have been closing down the alternate media big time for the last year or so, and they’ve done this by going after lesser known people. That link is to Richie Allen’s web site, and Allen has just been taken into hospital, cause as yet unknown. Methinks a contributory factor might be high blood pressure, which is an occupational hazard thesedays for all of us in the so-called ‘alternate media’ (earlier this year my blood pressure was so high that my doctor told me I was at serious risk of suffering a stroke). Two muckers have managed to avoid stress related stuff: earlier this week Jason Liosatos on his Outside The Box programme interviewed Gerald Celente. This is what the psychopaths, the cockroaches don’t want you to see…

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