I Know How Kyle Kulinski Feels

Kyle Kulinski has a huge audience on the likes of YouTube, yet his channel still reaches a fraction of the ‘Great Unwashed’, most of whom who are too busy on the hamster wheel to get only snatches of news from the likes of MSNBC, CNN and the BBC. Talking of which, the hashtags #abolishthelicense #stopwatchingbbc #donttrustthebeeb have gained a huge number of followers on Twitter in the last week, so there is some traction going on against the absolute madness we’re now living through. Problem is, Twitter et al are now heavily censoring and manipulating their content. Take a look at #jeremycorbyn as an example.

We live in what is rapidly becoming a nightmare world and like Kyle Kulinski I often bash my head with despair when trying to make people aware of what’s going on. The nightmare is right there in your face, it’s not ‘conspiracy theory’, yet the majority of people still can’t see it, or don’t want to see it. On the plus side, mostly due to the internet, more people are ‘awake’ now than there’s ever been (which is why the internet is now being heavily censored). It’s been a truism throughout history that you only need about 10% of the population to reach a tipping point and there’ll be a revolution. I don’t mean violent revolution. What I mean is that all you have to do is withdraw your consent for all the corruption, injustice and violence; you withdraw your consent to allow complete psychopaths to rule you.

I wonder if Kyle Kulinski suffers from high blood pressure..?

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