The Battle for Britain, and Indeed the World

It’s embarrassing, it really is, the way the Presstitutes, the 1% and those who fawn to them are going into a tail spin because the 99% are now starting to fight back (“but that’s socialism!” to quote Mitt Romney). All this Russophobia, Iranophobia, and all the rest of it, purely to keep the leeches in the military industrial complex going, is totally ridiculous, yet methinks the 99% are rapidly waking up to this. One thing I see here is that most ‘normal’, moral people can’t get their head around the fact that a tiny percentage of humanity, the sort of people who have shares in the likes of Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, don’t give a shit about how many of their fellow humans are butchered, as long as it makes money (likewise with all the ‘terrorist’ false flags in recent years). In any sane world these kind of psychopaths would be locked-up in criminal insane asylums, but these psychopaths presently run the world, and have a stranglehold on just about all information. To repeat, the propaganda is totally embarrassing, because it’s so childish and stupid and irrational, and most importantly, this propaganda smacks of desperation, because it’s coming from a bunch of psychotic cretins who are holding a busted flush.

Professor Norman Finklestein was recently on George Galloway’s show on TalkRadio. I’ll let this speak for itself, but will add that the only thing I don’t agree with Finklestein about is Bernie Sanders, because Sanders goes along with present American foreign policy…

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  1. freddy says:

    well the missile attack on a children carrying bus in Yemen
    has been shown to have been an American bomb.
    The Americans are saying nothing?

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