The Corbynite Manoeuvre

At PMQs today Jeremy Corbyn wiped the floor with Theresa May, despite May’s feeble attempt to bring antisemitism into the proceedings. All six of Corbyn’s questions were about a chaotic Brexit and the disarray amongst the Tories. Corbyn is having a good week: on Monday nine Corbynistas swept to victory in the National Executive Committee (NEC) elections, changing the balance of power in the NEC in favour of Corbyn. On Tuesday a Survation poll put Labour four points ahead of the Conservatives, despite the avalanche of antisemitism rollocks that the public have been bombarded with. Also on Tuesday the NEC agreed to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism in full, with a caveat put in by Corbyn that it does not prevent criticism of the state of Israel. Today many Corbyn fans are criticising him for caving in to the Zionist lobby, some saying it’s the final sell out by Corbyn. This criticism is understandable. However, I would say that this adoption of the IHRA definitions of antisemitism has totally taken the wind out of the sails of the Zionistas. After weeks of antisemitism rollocks, which the public are sick to the back teeth of, this was the top story on the CIAdian this morning…

See, they know Corbyn’s winning, and they are terrified, and so they are now trying to push the line that the Establishment are kind and caring, just like Corby. Such clumsy propaganda is vomit inducing.

Unless in the meantime there’s an ‘unfortunate accident’, Jeremy Corbyn is almost certain to become the next UK prime minister (and someone like me would say that it could happen before this year’s out). If you bear in mind what Corbyn has had to endure these last three years or so, since becoming leader of the Labour Party, which includes more than half of Labour MPs (the Blairites) doing everything they can to stab him in the back, I think Corbyn has the qualities needed to be a prime minister. I’ll add to that, if Corbyn does become PM and fails to live up to his principles I’ll be the first one to put the boot in. On the other side of the Pond, Bernie Sanders has been a total sell-out. Corbyn is now the only one left who has a realistic chance of getting into power.

George Galloway, on his Sputnik programme, recently interviewed Francis Beckett about Jeremy Corbyn. This is not a Corbyn love fest; both Galloway and Beckett are critical of Corbyn. What they’re saying here is the truth that the presstitutes will never tell you…

At the moment across social media there’s incredible censorship of all things Corbyn. If the above video doesn’t work the original show can be found here. It’s on RT, and so is out of censorship reach of the psychopaths who rule us.

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