The Last Waltz

This was a top story on the Guardian earlier today…

This Guardian piece contains barely anything that’s factual, and is full of assertions and suspicions and ‘sources tell us’ and ‘our contacts’. It was apparently written by three people, one of whom is the mega Russophobe Luke Harding, and appears to be hastily thrown together. Talking of which, John Pilger has written an excellent piece for Media Lens in which he does a surgical job of explaining why mainstream media ‘journalists’ are now immoral cretins. But getting back to the Guardian article, it seems to have been written in response to this piece published by RT yesterday:

Generation being born now is the last to be free – Assange in last interview before blackout

I would argue with Julian Assange on this one, since many would say that most of humanity is already enslaved. It’s why we have total insanity, like the shooting down of a Russian military aircraft earlier this week whilst it was in Syrian airspace, killing all 15 of its crew. It’s claimed that an Israeli fighter jet shot down the Russian plane, although we still don’t know for sure what went on (a French warship was apparently also firing missiles at the time), and maybe we never will. Point is the Russian plane was there quite legally under international law, because the Russians have been invited by the Syrian government. Whereas the Israeli plane was not there legally, neither are the Americans, the Brits, the French and all the other forces who are quite illegally trying to bring down the Syrian government. The Syrians and Russians have almost won the war against ‘the rebels’. This shooting down of the Russian plane is just the latest of many provocations, to try and get Russia to respond, thus giving Uncle Sam & Co an excuse for a full-on military assault on the sovereign country of Syria. Thus far Russia has not responded to these provocations, and independent commentators generally fall into two camps on this: one camp says that by not responding to these provocations it will embolden Syria’s and Russia’s enemies, inviting further provocations, each time upping the ante until Russia is backed into a corner and will finally have to give a military response. The other camp says that Russia should now draw a line in the sand and respond strongly to this latest provocation, to prevent further provocations from happening. Either way, Syria is an absolute tinder box at the moment and could easily turn into World War Three. Peter Hitchens also thinks this, but doesn’t seem to realise that it’s the sort of newspaper that he works for that is part of the problem:

We’re on the brink of war… and nobody has noticed

Ever since the dawn of ‘civilisation’ the world has been ruled by a small group of people, people whose power came from the ownership of land, resources and the plebs. They were almost all sociopaths and psychopaths (people with these sort of personality disorders tend to bubble to the surface in society) who often called themselves aristos and royalty, and were basically a bunch of hoodlums who, whenever the opportunity arose, stole the assets of other hoodlums. Any plebs who objected to all of this were either imprisoned or exterminated (Jesus Christ being a good example); and so it went on over the millennia.

Then we got to World War One in which millions were butchered because of the leaps in technology. The ‘Great War’. The ‘Final War’, that is until shortly after we had the biggest slaughter in history: World War Two, which ended with the first use of atomic weapons on civilian targets. In the 70 or so years since then these weapons of war have grown even more fearsome (and not just nuclear weapons – MOAB being just one example), and we’re at the stage where the psychopaths have to be disarmed and put in an asylum, otherwise human civilisation will end. If major war breaks out between the squabbling psychopaths in the Middle East and elsewhere it will probably go nuclear very quickly (because they’re psychopaths – and a big problem at the moment with the batshit crazy neocons is that they think they can win a war with Russia). In the unlikely event that it didn’t go nuclear, a ‘conventional war’ would still destroy the planet: our modern civilisation has a huge amount of highly dangerous and toxic industry: as well as more than 400 nuclear power plants, there are nuclear storage facilities, oil refineries, chemical plants and all the rest of it. Much of this would be destroyed by a ‘conventional’ world war, leaving the planet completely poisoned. Hmm, probably better to go nuclear war straight away, to get it over with as soon as possible.

Julian Charles on his The Mind Renewed programme recently interviewed Peter Ford, former UK ambassador to Syria (2003-2006), for a wide-ranging conversation on propaganda, the UK mainstream media, and Syria. This is well worth a listen, but please note it was recorded a few months ago, before recent events in Syria…

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