Jeremy Corbyn

Whether you love or hate Corbyn, his keynote speech yesterday, closing the 2018 Labour party conference, was an absolute blinder. The only criticism I have of it was when he referred to the Salisbury poisonings as the ‘work of the Russian state’ – although if you read it closely what Corbyn actually said was that the Police think it’s the work of the Russian state.

What I found hilarious about Corbyn’s speech is the reaction of the mainstream media: in the hours immediately after Corbyn’s speech they were reporting on it, but then it went down the memory hole. Today all we’ve had is utter nonsense about Brexit and Trump – by the way, everything Trump is completely contrived; none of it is real.

Whatever. What Corbyn said yesterday, no other potential leader in the West has ever said such things before in modern times. It really was groundbreaking/amazing stuff. If interested here’s some highlights…

The complete one hour speech can be found here.
ps. I put this video up on my Vimeo account, guessing that there might be problems on better known platforms, because the censorship at the moment is just breathtaking. Viola! Here’s YouTube’s reaction when I tried to post the video there:

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