Jeremy Corbyn

Whether you love or hate Corbyn, his keynote speech yesterday, closing the 2018 Labour party conference, was an absolute blinder. The only criticism I have of it was when he referred to the Salisbury poisonings as the ‘work of the Russian state’ – although if you read it closely what Corbyn actually said was that the Police think it’s the work of the Russian state.

What I found hilarious about Corbyn’s speech is the reaction of the mainstream media: in the hours immediately after Corbyn’s speech they were reporting on it, but then it went down the memory hole. Today all we’ve had is utter nonsense about Brexit and Trump – by the way, everything Trump is completely contrived; none of it is real.

Whatever. What Corbyn said yesterday, no other potential leader in the West has ever said such things before in modern times. It really was groundbreaking/amazing stuff. If interested here’s some highlights…

The complete one hour speech can be found here.
ps. I put this video up on my Vimeo account, guessing that there might be problems on better known platforms, because the censorship at the moment is just breathtaking. Viola! Here’s YouTube’s reaction when I tried to post the video there:

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  1. Peter Beswick says:

    Hi Rob

    Did Corbyn say this?

    “We are entering a new fast-changing and more dangerous world including the reckless attacks in Salisbury which the evidence painstakingly assembled by the police now points clearly to the Russian state.”

    It matters

    • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

      It seems that Corbyn did say this. My point, of course, is the way that Corbyn phrased it, putting all the emphasis on the police – in this instance it’s the Met Police who are handling the investigation, and the Met are the most corrupt police force in the UK.

      • freddy says:

        Almost everything about Salisbury is without evidence.
        Is J.C. included in U.K. government briefs, about Salisbury?

        • freddy says:

          Actually, if Slisbury is largely made up,
          and J.C. has not been included in U.K. Government briefs on Salisbury, if/when J.C. comes to power, perhaps he’d care to let the British People, in on the scam.
          At the same time he could let us have knowledge of

          • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

            Freddy, I’m sure Jeremy Corbyn is aware of the Salisbury scam. For political purposes, though, he can’t actually come out and say it at the moment.

            Because he will be crucified, which is not a good way to become the next prime minister.

  2. freddy says:

    “Three serving EU ambassadors to London have publicly criticised UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt for comparing the European Union to the Soviet Union.

    Mr Hunt told the Conservative Party conference on Sunday the EU was acting like the USSR in trying to prevent any members leaving the bloc.

    The diplomats said the comparison was wrong and insulting to those who had lived through years of Soviet rule.

    But UKIP leader Nigel Farage said Mr Hunt was “using my language”.

    Relations between the UK and the EU are on edge after European leaders publicly criticised Theresa May’s plan for future co-operation after Brexit at a summit in Austria last month.” Quote BBC

    most amusing.

    If JC plays his cards right

    he could be U.K. primeminister in less than a year, he would have a BIG job to balls it up more than this shower.

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