Fire and Rain

Someone I was very close to here in France died unexpectedly last July. Cut a long story short, I finally got the urn containing the ashes of this person this morning. The urn is now sitting on the dining room table, where this person always used to be seated (the dining room table is massive, and seats 12 people, and is only used on special occasions – most meals are taken at the table in the kitchen, in case you think I’m being overly morbid).

Next month we’re going to have a ceremony with family and friends, when we will scatter the ashes into the river Vienne, which is one of the four great rivers of France. This song kinda sums up how I’m feeling at the moment; and I know that readers of this blog have suffered similar loses recently, so please post links to music that helped you get through it…

(YouTube really are a piece of shite – they blocked my previous embed of this song)

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