Vietnam and the Airbrushing of History

I’m in a project at the moment that involves the Vietnam war. Naturally enough some of this research is on YouTube. I was perhaps not so horrified to see that over the last five years or so all criticism of the Vietnam war has been purged from YouTube. You now have to look really hard to find stuff that’s not pro-Pentagon.

Vietnam was the last time that independent reporters were allowed to roam freely in the war zone. The American war machine learned a lesson from this, and ever since ‘reporters’ have been embedded with the military. This means nothing gets reported. For instance, during the 2003 Iraq war, American grunts were not given live ammo until they got right up to the front line, because so many of the grunts were shooting their own officers.

John Pilger says likewise in this report about the Vietnam war, broadcasted in 1970. Pilger had real balls to make this programme, because he was out there in the field with the grunts and his life was equally in danger. In a similar vein, kudos to ITV (in the UK) for putting this piece out. You will never, ever, see anything like this thesedays, because we now live in nightmare police states.

Pilger’s piece is not really that critical, but it does show reality, and the one thing that the psychopaths who rule us don’t want is for us to see this reality…

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