Tribute FM – The voice of free Libya?

Tribute FM has been on air for about 3 weeks now. It broadcasts from Benghazi, in English. Here’s what Tribute FM have to say about themselves…

Tribute FM is run by young Libyans who decided that the once banned english language should now have a presence of the airwaves on the New Free Libya. Some members of the team spent time in London, UK where they had exposure to urban radio stations and felt that a similar thing was missing from their homeland.

The guys running Tribute FM claim they are not part of or sponsored by the rebel leadership, the Transitional National Council, and from what I can make out they seem genuine. They do not give out their full names and the location of the studio is kept secret, because they are afraid of being attacked by pro-Gaddafi forces.

What’s remarkable about Tribute FM is that it is broadcasting from a country that is still undergoing a chaotic and bloody revolution. The best time to listen is between 6pm and 1am GMT, because that’s when they have phone-ins and studio guests to talk about the situation in Libya. The music played on Tribute FM sounds like that which you’d find on an urban radio station in the UK, but then you get discussion about whether captured Gaddafi soldiers should be summarily shot or put on trial, and the refugee crisis on the Tunisian border, and latest news from the siege of Misrata, etc. Some of the most interesting discussions are about what to do with Colonel Gaddafi and his sons if they are captured alive.

Surreal is an apt description for Tribute FM, made more so because of the itimacy of the radio medium. If interested you can listen to it here…

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