It Looks like the Psychos Are Going to Start a War with Iran

Has anyone wondered why the justice Brett Kavanaugh stuff has been so widely covered by the MSM, and in particular the MSM outside of America? It’s because there’s an agenda here, and the Brett Kavanaugh malarky is all pure theatre; none of it is real. If it were real, and we had a proper Fourth Estate, Brett Kavanaugh could easily be torn apart for his record on being complicit in the ripping-up of the American Constitution since 9/11 (something I bang on about quite often on this blog). Instead we get all this historical sexual abuse nonsense and the ‘evil democrats’ from the Alt-Right. Brett Kavanaugh should be in jail, not sitting on the supreme court, because Kavanaugh is more a total traitor than a sex vamp.

But much of the the Alt-right don’t see it this way. Instead, Trump is a knight in shining armour, who’s playing 3D chess in order to rid America of its enemies and ‘drain the swamp’. There’s white hats and black hats and an almighty battle going on behind the scenes to round-up all the paedophiles and communists and socialists. This has all been egged on by the QAnon psy-op which a frightening number of people have fallen for. It’s all wrapped in the Make America Great Again (MAGA) meme. Here’s some examples…

Q: ARE YOU READY TO SEE ARRESTS? (40 minute video)

Martial Law, What to Do If It’s Declared? (40 minute video)

(I have to suffer all this stuff in order to try and get a handle on what’s going on)

The martial law stuff has come from QAnon over recent months. Apparently Trump and the white hats are going to have to declare martial law while they arrest all the paedophiles and communists and socialists (it cracks me up how politically naive many Americans are). I should stress that a huge number of people follow all the QAnon stuff – it’s not a small psy-op. According to the QAnon brigade the recent confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh on the supreme court is the last piece in the jigsaw of Trump’s 3D chess (?!). Now martial law will be declared to MAGA, and they’re calling it ‘Red October’.

Hopefully, QAnon is a Live Action Role Play (LARP); ie, a hoax. Unfortunately this does not appear to be the case, and the reason that people like me mention QAnon is because it’s a huge operation by the security services and Trump seems to be in on it. They really do seem to be softening up a section of the American public to accept martial law.

Actually, with all the laws passed since 9/11, America is now to all intents and purposes a police state, and martial law wouldn’t make too much difference to this. The only reason for bringing in martial law would be if Trump & Co are going to start a major war, because in that event even totally propagandised Americans would take to the streets in large numbers to protest. If you doubt that a major war is in the offering I would suggest that you take a close look at President Trump and the sort of people he surrounds himself with. I don’t think these psychos in Washington are yet mad enough to directly attack Russia and/or China, so that leaves Iran. President Trump recently pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal for no good reason, which is just one of many important international treaties that the USA has recently walked away from. Today it was announced that Nikki Haley has resigned as the US ambassador to the United Nations and will leave her post at the end of the year, in a move that stunned allied diplomats and other senior officials; or to put it less diplomatically, most UN members will be relieved that they’ll no longer have to suffer the rants of a complete psycho like Nikki Haley (who was only slightly less unhinged than her predecessor Samantha Power), a Nikki Haley who often seemed to be confused about whether she was working for America or Israel.

President Trump has said that he’ll name another US ambassador to the United Nations in the “next two or three weeks”, despite the fact that the USA treats the UN with utter contempt; and as always the USA stomps around the world like a demented Frankenstein, a Frankenstein that’s now openly laughed at by the UN. But hey, let’s make America great again, by starting yet another idiotic war and slaughtering millions of innocent people. Yup, that’s what I call great, whilst wearing my MAGA baseball cap.

It looks like this ‘Red October’ might be one to worry about.

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4 Responses to It Looks like the Psychos Are Going to Start a War with Iran

  1. freddy says:

    Hi Rob, I think you may be wrong ” on going to war with Iran”
    A little clue will be the journo dismembered in the S.A. consulate, in Turkey and the fuss being made, the shock-horror.
    Disruption to World trade is already happening, crude oil is going through the roof, the euro is collapsing and will continue to collapse.
    The E.U. will soon be on its fucking knees.
    Italy/Spain/France/Sweden/Greece all on the brink of imploding.

    “Violence erupted in the streets of Paris on Tuesday as protesters demonstrating against the French government’s “ideological policies” and reforms clashed with a riot police squad.”

  2. freddy says:

    Bosnian oil refinery blows sky high
    “The explosion was extremely loud, as if war started again,” the witness said, as cited by Večernji List newspaper.

    Part of the U.S.A. plan was to disrupt oil/gas business in Venezuela/Russia/Iran/North Africa/Middle East ( not S.A.)
    and replace with fracked American gas and oil, thus helping to make America Great Again.
    This has worked so well, that there is now a received shortage of oil/gas into Europe, Winter is just around the corner.
    To smash Iran now would be idiocy.

  3. JOML says:

    Thanks, Rob. Here’s the Piranhas from 1980 and from the lyrics, I don’t think the world has moved on much, other than the lunatics in power are more transparent.

  4. freddy says:

    Greece’s government, now free of its bailout programme, is to renew its call for Germany to pay €279 billion in war reparations in compensation for the Nazi occupation during World War II, which could strain the already-fraught relations between the two countries.

    I agree with the Greeks
    make the bastards cough up

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