Is Trump for Real?

On yesterday’s Richie Allen Show he interviewed the independent film maker John Hankey, who’s best known for his films about the JFK assassination. This month John Hankey has released a film called Is Trump for Real? The film is about how Hankey bought into the Trump phenomenon during the election campaign, but soon became disillusioned when Trump became President (a similar story for many of us). This prompted Hankey to delve deeper into who President Trump really is. Here’s the blurb for his film:

With the help of Steve Bannon and Cambridge Analytica, Trump was groomed to appeal to those who have lost faith in media and politics. Bannon has admitted that he modeled his campaign on the one crafted for Hitler, who was a puppet of dark forces. Through meticulous investigation, John Hankey explores this, and how the media circus following Trump is a strategy for dividing a “United” States.

(Click the above link to see a free 10 minute trailor for the film, or to rent the film for just one buck)

The following is an excerpt from yesterday’s Richie Allen interview. I had great trouble editing this, because the interview pinballs somewhat, from Trump to Adolf Hitler to JFK to Steve Bannon, as Richie Allen and John Hankey try to steer the listener through the absolute hall of mirrors that is the modern media. It should be noted how much of a part British intelligence has had in all this, and how totally infiltrated the so-called ‘alternate’ media is.

This excerpt begins with Allen and Hankey comparing Trump to Hitler, in the sense that when both Trump and Hitler came to power they immediately started doing the bidding of the bankers…

The full 35 minute interview can be found here (it starts 1 hour 15 minutes into the video).

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