The Three Maggots

I mean the three Ms: Merkel, Macron and May (by the way, that link I gave for President Macron doesn’t mention that he voted himself a 54% pay increase last June; this while millions of French workers have been out on the streets protesting against ‘austerity’). All of them are neo-con puppets who have completely betrayed their people and all of them are now on very shaky political ground; the latest being UK prime minister Theresa May, who’s just kicked Brexit even further down the road in a vain attempt to keep herself and the Conservative party in power (ie, to keep the bankers in power). Theresa May’s government is now on a lifeline from the DUP and from an ever decreasing number of Tory MPs who remain loyal to her. In otherwords, we could have a general election in the UK next month, November; and if Theresa May’s government does manage to cling on beyond this it seems unlikely that it will last out its full term. Hello Jeremy Corbyn, which will be interesting, to put it mildly. I should add that the Labour Party manifesto is the only one of the UK political parties that has been fully costed, and much of what the Labour Party proposes to do (such as nationalisation) is illegal within the EU. Corbyn, of course, has been a lifelong opponent of the EU project, and the only reason he now goes along with it is because he’s the leader of a party that has a majority of remainers, and as the leader of the party he has to represent this.

The EU is a big part of the American empire. I could really go into one about Brexit. But instead all I will say is that the UK government should just tell the EU to fuck off, and the UK government should pull out, right now. Leave it to the (undemocratic neo-con) EU to explain to German car manufacturers, or French wine and cheese producers, or Danish bacon producers, etc, etc, etc, why they can no longer export their goods to the UK, or why the EU can’t take tariff free imports from the UK. That should be a laugh.

For some reason this cover of a famous Bowie song resonates with me with regard to Carry On Brexit. For obvious reasons, this kind of stuff absolutely terrifies the psychopaths who rule us…

This is from one of two tributes I made to David Bowie when he died a few years back, which if interested you can find here.

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