The Infestation

I’ve now been banned from commenting on Craig Murray’s blog on two occasions. That’s fine, because it’s Craig’s blog and it’s up to him who’s allowed to comment.

But, I always say, when these sort of blogs start asking you for money (as Craig has recently done) it’s a dead give away that it’s a CIA limited hang-out operation. I have a lot of respect for Craig, but look at his recent post, which highly praises George Soros…

What’s real and what’s not? It’s hard to tell thesedays.

AMERICAN PSYCHOSIS from Amanda Zackem on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to The Infestation

  1. freddy says:

    Strange indeed Rob.

    Boeing seem to be having a lot of problems.
    What with 189 people dead in Indonesia.

    An Air France Boeing 777 en route from Paris to Shanghai with 280 on board changed its course and made an emergency landing at the Irkutsk Airport in Russia after smoke appeared inside the plane.

  2. freddy says:

    Hey Rob, any updates of the kalashnikov shooting of the Welsh Cyclist in the Haute Savoie ?
    A 34-year old British man has been shot dead by a hunter while cycling in the French Alps in what appears to be an accident, police said.

    The victim, a restaurateur living in the nearby Haute-Savoie region, was killed by a bullet while cycling down a path along woods.

    A 22-year-old man taking part in a group hunt is believed to have shot the bullet, police said on Sunday.

    The hunter was admitted to hospital for shock after the Saturday evening shooting and could not be taken into custody while he is investigated on suspicion of aggravated manslaughter, Thonon-Les-Bains prosecutor Philippe Toccanier said.

    Toccanier told The Associated Press news agency that the victim, who is from Wales but lived in France, was cycling down a mountain at around 6pm when he passed near a group of about 10 game hunters.

    Toccanier said the cyclist certainly “couldn’t be confused with game, as he had a coloured helmet and a coloured mountain bike”.

    Britain’s Foreign Office says it’s “in contact with the local authorities” and providing assistance to the victim’s family.

  3. freddy says:

    “it is about ammunition of war, type Kalashnikov, authorized since 2013”

    This is unlikely to just be “an accident”
    30-40 metres distant, you would see it was a man on a bike and not a wild boar.
    Best guess – they were shooting to frighten the cyclist.

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