Brexit and the Future UK Government

If press reports can be believed (here), today the UK government has reached a leaving deal with the EU. At the time of writing there are no details of this deal. Apparently there’s going to be an emergency Cabinet meeting about it tomorrow. This apparent deal will later be put to Parliament for a vote.

This is historic stuff, not only from an anglo-centric point of view, but also because there’s a lot of other countries in Europe who have had quite enough of the neo-con/American Empire entity known as the European Union (EU).

It’s all a real ball of wool that is very difficult to predict.

From the UK point of view, I did think there might be a general election before this Christmas. However, because Theresa May’s government has kept kicking the Brexit can down the road a pre-Christmas general election is no longer in the time frame.

After last year’s general election Theresa May’s government lost its majority, and is now only kept in power by the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), by a measure of just six votes.

It seems highly likely that the DUP will not accept May’s Brexit deal (what with the Irish border issues) and will withdraw support of the present Conservative government. This means that the government will no longer have a majority and will not be able to function/pass laws. In this event the Queen (who as sovereign really rules the UK) will have two choices: the Queen will either have to ask the opposition party to try and form a government – something that the Queen and the Establishment are unlikely to do, because the opposition party presently consists of Corbyn & Co – or else there will have to be a general election.

To repeat, this is all incredibly difficult to predict (ie, President Trump might start WW3 in the meantime) but it looks like there will be a general election in the UK in either February or March of next year, 2019.

It will be the most historic election since 1945.

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