The Hitlergate Hearings

Last weekend has seen two big protests. In London the Extinction Rebellion (read their web site and weep) blockaded bridges across the Thames as a protest against climate change and the use of fossile fuels. The Extinction Rebellion are mostly a bunch of useful idiots who are completely controlled by the likes of MI5. The term is ‘controlled opposition’ and it’s used to direct and control public anger. The usurping of the Occupy movement, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and all the rest fall into a similar category. None of it is real, folks.

In France this weekend we had big protests by the gilet jaunes (the yellow jackets) who were protesting against a massive 30% hike in fuel prices. The totally hated President Macron (he gets loudly booed whenever he appears in public) apparently introduced the fuel hike in order to reduce carbon emissions and to to encourage clean energy. Do you see how this sedgeways into the London protest, which took place at the same time? The difference is, the protests in France were real, whereas the London protest was utterly contrived by the security services.

In a similar vein, CJ Hopkins has published a very good piece today on Off-Guardian, called The Hitlergate Hearings. The sarcasm and irony in the piece is just wonderful and in my humble opinion really captures where we’re at right now. The only part of Hopkins’ piece that I disagree with (and I may have missed something here) is when he says:

The goal of the “Resistance” is to make it unmistakeably clear who is really running things, and what happens to annoying billionaire ass clowns who get elected president without their permission, and to the ignorant rabble who elect such ass clowns…

I did give Trump the benefit of the doubt when he first became President; however, as the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words: everything President Trump has done is advancing the neo-con agenda, an agenda that was started big-time by President Clinton and has been ramped-up by every President ever since. Ie, Trump is completely contrived.

Anyhows, here’s Hopkins’ article:

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