These people are an absolute joke

Here we go…

Revealed: faulty medical implants harm patients around world (Oh, wow, the Guardian has ‘revealed’ something).

Next breath on the same front page…

May to warn MPs that rejecting Brexit deal would put UK ‘back to square one’

I predict that Theresa May will replace Guy Fawkes on bonfires in centuries to come, such is her sell out with the ‘Brexit deal’.

And of course I’ll come back to events in France, with Paris on this Sunday morning looking like a war zone (but thankfully no one was killed).

As the smoke rises above Paris, the only question is how long will the people in the UK and USA continue to put up with the same bullshit?

And I’ll add a note here: look at how the so-called ‘alternate media’ have reported events in France over the last week or so. What’s occurred in France is history in the making. But barely a word from the ‘alternate media’, because most of them are now controlled opposition.

Those jolly psychopaths in MI5 and GCHQ must be laughing their heads off.

But don’t worry, we’re coming for you…

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