Here’s how it works (the banking system)

Henry Ford (of the Ford Motor Company) once famously said: “If Americans knew the truth about our banking and monetary system, there would be a revolution before morning.”

Here’s what Henry Ford was talking about: what’s now politely called ‘the deficit’ is basically interest owed on government debt, and it’s tens of billions of dollars or pounds every year, and is just paying the interest on huge loans that can never be paid back.

These loans are given by private banks that are dressed-up as central/government banks, such as the Bank of England and Federal Reserve.

The point here is, any government that can issue it’s own currency does not normally need to take loans from a private bank, and most importantly pay interest on those loans. An independent government with its own currency, and a nationalised central bank, can easily issue loans to itself without interest payments (the deficit).

The reason we’re paying all those tens of billions in interest charges is because it’s the biggest scam in history, and has been going on for more than a 100 years now.

Forgive me for not being too polite at the moment, but I’ve had enough of all this shit, and all those who enable it.

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