France – What’s Going to Happen Next?

As is usual in these situations, there’s all kind of rumours flying around at the moment. One thing you can say with almost certainty is that these protests won’t stop until the Macron government is swept from power. It looks like we’re in for a fourth weekend of massive protests. One rumour flying around is that this weekend large numbers of the police are going to go on indefinite strike, and these police are going to join the protestors. If this does happen we’re almost certainly looking at martial law in France. What happens then is anyone’s guess.

The following video is the nearest I can find, with an English translation, that accurately reflects the feeling on the streets of France right now…

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  1. freddy says:

    Arrest after Irishman John Dowling stabbed to death in Paris

    France seems on the edge of riotious behaviour

  2. freddy says:

    So Rob, who do you think will last the longest
    Theresa May
    Angela Merkel
    Emmanuel Macron

    • freddy says:

      Elysee Palace fears ‘putschists’, coup attempt during Yellow Vests protests this weekend
      The intelligence services have reported to the Elysee Palace, the official residence of the president, that there have been “calls to kill” and “carry arms to attack” parliamentarians, government officials and police officers, Le Figaro newspaper said on Thursday.

      “They are putschists. [There is] a coup attempt,” a source claimed. The ministry has even been reportedly instructed to forbid its staff and ministers from working this weekend.

    • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

      Freddy, I have to be very careful what I say here. This is not because I’m afraid of speaking my mind (which I’m not). It’s because at the moment bigmouths like me might endanger the forces at play.

      I’ll go and rant about something else in the meantime…

    • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

      Freddy, Macron is a psychopath.

      If protestors are shot dead this weekend all bets are off as to what happens next.

  3. freddy says:

    Across France on Saturday, 90,000 police officers will be on duty and armoured vehicles will be deployed in the capital, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced.
    Eiffel Tower will be SHUT.

    The United Kingdom and France, the fifth and sixth largest world economies are in peril.
    European Union Democracies but both are suffering from democratic deficit

    So it is AUSTERITY and a feeling that our lords are holding us underfoot.

    If the foot be not raise bite it off.

  4. freddy says:

    European Union in CRISIS
    “This is now about so much more than fuel tax,” she said. “We seem to live in a world gone mad where the rich pay next to nothing and the poor are constantly taxed. We’ve had enough of the elite.”
    The gilets jaunes movement is unlike any other seen in postwar France because it sprang up online without a leader, trade union or party behind it. Along the barricades there is a broad mix of people, some apolitical, some on the left who feared nationalism, some who had voted for the nationalist Le Pen, some environmentalists. Many were against the European Union, feeling it enshrined rampant capitalism.
    One 24-year-old philosophy student said: “This feels like a historic moment in France. I’d liken it to the Arab spring – a kind of revolution that started online.”

    Good luck to FRANCE

    The U.K. is also in CRISIS but we are not as revoluntionary as French people, we have just sent our water cannon to be melted down.

  5. freddy says:

    Looks like Macron has done our lot a favour,
    we are going to LOWER TAXES and draw back from AUSTERITY to prevent the plunge of DEATH.
    For several years, each year, we have put “The Fuel accumulator”
    on hold as the people are barely managing, almost nobody thinks green taxes are for the environment, just for the government to steal even more from the workers.
    The Bank of England’s governor, Mark Carney, said a disorderly exit from the European Union could plunge the U.K. into a deeper recession than any seen over the last 100 years!
    Mark Carney said the scenario mapped out by Threadneedle Street to illustrate the worst possible outcome from a NO-DEAL BREXIT would push up unemployment and inflation while also hitting house prices.

    • JOML says:

      Hi Rob, I was donating platelets when I posted the RT link – difficult to type with my left hand! I believe RT are stating that rubber bullets are being used, but can’t see this in the link above. I’ll post a link if I find anything. Thanks again.

      • freddy says:

        I don’t think anybody has heard Emperor Macron speak, since he came back from Argentina, where is he hiding, under the stairs?

        • JOML says:

          Freddy, with all the rubber bullets and tear gas flying about, I’d be under the stairs too! No need to hide from the MSM though, they’re on his side.
          Joking aside, who will ask him serious questions and take him to task? The people obviously feel there is only one course of action – and that’s a hellish state of affairs. The people are being failed by the current system. Time for change.

    • freddy says:

      They have used watercannon
      peper spray
      baton and shild charges ketteling
      mass arrests
      mass injuries
      they have stopped people taking gas masks, bike helmets,
      eye shields

    • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

      John, you can never go wrong with Neil Young, methinks.
      I seem to be living through a revolution at the moment.

      I can’t help thinking of the (perhaps rigged) referendum in Scotland and the ‘Auld Alliance’ with France. What I often write here – particularly at the moment – might seem a bit alien to some in the British Isles, but it’s not so when you look at history.

  6. freddy says:

    Surely Mr.18 percent want me Macron has to go, for the sake of the working poor
    1,220 people were taken into custody, the Interior Ministry said Sunday

    this is getting like Ukraine

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