The King Addresses the Plebs

This evening President Macron has made his first televised address to the nation in almost two weeks (Macron’s address follows at the end of this post). Macron threw out a few crumbs whilst saying that he will not withdraw tax cuts for the rich. This will only inflame the gilet jaune movement. Expect another round of major riots next weekend.

I should perhaps reiterate that despite the fact that the mainstream media have only picked up on these protests recently, this major civil unrest has in fact been going on for many years now. It all stems, of course, from the 2008 economic collapse. In France, the civil unrest started to kick-off when the then President Sarkozy raised the pension age, this after a massive bail-out of the banks. It kicked-off big time in January 2016 (almost three years ago now), when the plebs started protesting against the proposed new employment laws which had been put forward the previous September by the Hollande government. They were also protesting against the state of emergency which had been introduced after the Paris ‘terror attacks’ in November 2015. The protest against the state of emergency culminated in a general strike on 31st March 2016. The civil unrest has been going on ever since.

Here’s the King/Jupiter addressing the plebs today…

I won’t even get into what’s going on in the UK at the moment.

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