Breaking Eggs – French Style

I was in the Post Office this afternoon, sending off a parcel. As I stood at the counter filling in address labels my nose was streaming and I didn’t even realise it. The girl behind the counter produced some tissues to clean up the mess. Just a quick update, because I’m dead on my feet with a really bad cold at the moment.

In the week before Christmas the police demolished most of the gilets jaunes encampments on the roads and roundabouts of France. In the last week or so the gilets jaunes have started appearing again on the roads and roundabouts – and in my quiet neck of the woods in much greater numbers, despite the awful January weather. Last Saturday we had Acte VIII, which was a big one, in both Paris and the rest of the country. This week President Macron’s response to this has been to announce even harsher measures against the demonstrators. As a result of this Acte IX next Saturday might be a bit subdued, or maybe it won’t. It’s hard to tell in these situations how things are going to pan out. One thing is for certain, the more that the hated Macron tries to break the yellow vests the more messy/violent the omelette will become.

The following brief video is French language, yet most of the satire is visual and quite easy to follow…

And a reminder that the first proper UK yellow vest protest is due to take place next Saturday.

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