A Tale of Two Cities

We’ve had the unedifying spectacle this week of all the Brexit stuff going on in the UK Parliament, headed by the most incompetent and corrupt government ever seen in modern times, a corpse of a government kept in power by the DUP and the presstitutes. What’s really whacko about it is that while UK Parliamentarians are debating Brexit there’s millions out on the streets of France who are effectively giving their finger to the EU. This very important point never comes into the Brexit debate, because there’s a D Notice out on it; ie, while the UK media do report on the gilets juanes movement, they don’t report on the sheer scale of it. Most of the dickheads in Parliament don’t know what’s going on just across the Channel (although of course the likes of Theresa May do). If there was more awareness of the revolution taking place in France the Brexit debate would be very different. Instead we get Stepford Wives land, which makes me ashamed to be a Brit.

Acte X is this coming Saturday, and it looks set to be another big one, with even more violence from the police (which has been ordered by maggot Macron). A lot of the videos I link to here about what’s going on in France mysteriously disappear. This video, which covers last Saturday’s Acte IX, might stay up. It gives a good insight into what’s going on in France. There should be English subtitles on this video. If they don’t appear click on the first little icon on the right of the YouTube toolbar:

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  1. freddy says:

    BBC comes to understand the level of French State inspired violence against Yellow Jacket protestors.

    Appalling injuries caused by French police riot guns during the yellow-vest protests have triggered anger and calls for the weapon to be banned.

    The LBD launchers known by protesters as “flash-balls” have left 40 people severely wounded, reports say.

  2. freddy says:

    The SNP has said the prime minister Mrs.Theresa May
    must be ready to discuss pausing Article 50, taking no-deal off the table and holding another EU referendum – all of which were dismissed by Mrs May in her Commons statement.

    Mrs May said her duty was to implement the decision of the first referendum, and that failing to do so could “damage social cohesion by undermining faith in our democracy”.

    There are a lot of people in Europe who are becoming concerned that their masters do not act in the best interests of the people,
    Greece, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, all have these concerns.

    • freddy says:

      Macron and Merkel are having a love-in probably at the expense of their peoples, why an ever closer union of France-Germany,
      have the populace had a referendum to endorse this twaddle?

  3. freddy says:

    Rob, government of Zim hike fuel prices – leads to unrest and beatings.

    The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission strongly criticised authorities for using troops to quell demonstrations.

    Unrest broke out more than a week ago following a sharp rise in fuel prices.

    A government spokesman defended the crackdown, telling the BBC: “When things get out of hand, a bit of firmness is needed.”

    In a blunt statement, the commission said at least eight deaths had been reported since last week, “mostly attributed to use of live ammunition”.

    “Armed and uniformed members of the Zimbabwe National Army and the Zimbabwe Republic Police instigated systematic torture.”

    It said the torture was “organised” in that security forces targeted men close to where barricades had been erected, and near areas torched by protesters or looted.

  4. Peter Beswick says:

    Just borrowed this comment by Paul on the Blogmire

    “Apart from France, Belgium and the Netherlands, Yellow Vest protests have so far taken place in:
    Egypt, Poland, Bulgaria, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Iraq, Republic of Ireland, Finland, Taiwan.

    Here is some video of the protests in Canberra:

    Odd that you can’t read about any of it in the ‘fake news’ MSM.”

  5. freddy says:

    This will annoy your Emperor, Rob.

    Yellow Vests group gears up for May 2019 European elections

  6. freddy says:

    Opération Chammal

    17 January

    Citing the recent attack on American soldiers in Manbij, French President Emmanuel Macron states that ISIL is not yet defeated and reaffirms his commitment to keep French soldiers in Syria throughout 2019 despite US withdrawal.

  7. freddy says:

    ‘Puppet of big banks’: French hit back at Macron’s ‘I’m one of you’ overture
    President Emmanuel Macron said that he is not a ‘man of the elite’

    This is a blatant lie, he is the elite.

    • freddy says:

      The Emperor of France is now in Egypt, the embarrassing clown, is attempting to lecture the Egyptians on human rights.
      What about human rights for the voters of France, not to be governed by a dictator?

  8. freddy says:

    France sells Egypt, two warships previously contracted to Russia

    Macron seems top be getting rather cosy with the dictator of Egypt?

  9. freddy says:

    Foreign Ministry of Syria : Emmanuel Macron should dedicate his efforts to resolve the crises in his own country.

    The statements made by French President Emmanuel Macron today confirm the continuation of the failed policies adopted by the consecutive French government regarding Syria, a source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Monday.

    The source said that these French policies are inspired by a dark legacy of colonialism and enslaving peoples.

    The source stressed that Macron’s talk of the political process is merely an attempt to wash France’s hands clean of the blood that had been shed in Syria due to his country’s destructive policies.

    “Those who provided all sorts of support to terrorist groups, and whose foreign minister described al-Nusra terrorists as rebels, and worked to undermine political initiatives to resolve the crisis in Syria lack the minimum of credibility, because they talk about a political process with colonialist Western criteria that contradict the Syrians’ interests and aspirations,” the source said.

    The source went on to affirm that Syria is not the least bit interested in having relations with a state that contributed to the terrorist aggression that targeted it, and whose hands are red with the blood of Syrians.

    The source said Macron’s statements reflect the bitterness of defeat as the conspiracy against Syria has failed, adding that the French President who lacks any public legitimacy would be been better off dedicating his efforts to resolve the crises in his own country, instead of interfering in others’ affairs.

    Hazem Sabbag

  10. run 3 says:

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