France and Venezuela

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Tommorrow’s Acte XII looks like being a crucial one. The gilets jaunes are going to be paying tribute to all the demonstrators killed and injured so far in this uprising. Apparently there’ll be a large number of protestors in Paris, but we will have to see what happens.

The gilets jaunes are calling for an unlimited general strike from next Tuesday onwards. The CGT (which is the biggest union in France) is also calling for a general strike on that day. Problem is, most gilets jaunes don’t want to associate themselves with any union or political party. I’ve no idea how this is going to pan out. I think it will all depend on what happens during Acte XII.

In the meantime, the total lunacy with regard to what’s happening in Venezuela. This seems to be yet another case of how much complete bullshit the brainwashed western public will swallow. George Galloway, love him or hate him, does a very good weekly programme called ‘The History Boys’. Here’s this week’s one, all about the history of Venezuela…

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  1. freddy says:

    Looks like the court in FRANCE have said flash balls are fine and dandy, carry on maiming the people.

  2. freddy says:

    President of France Emmanuel Macron gives Maduro untill midnight on Sunday to call new elections.
    If he does not call them, France to call for regime change

    • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

      Freddy, in case you haven’t seen it here’s a small taste of what went on in Paris yesterday…

      It was one of the biggest demos so far in Paris, and whilst some of the demonstrators were unruly the level of violence meted out by the police was quite breathtaking.

      The police are obviously under orders from Macron & Co to crush the yellow vest movement at any cost. The scenes in Paris yesterday were repeated in many cities and towns all across France.

  3. Gloria says:

    I wish people would take to the streets in all banker shithole countries

  4. George says:

    The mass media has become nakedly controlled by corporations, chatting endlessly about a bright future and pretending America remains a great superpower substituting political gossip about the trumps or Clintons as news.

    The corruption is already far advanced-while insisting that the country is in an economic recovery or about to enter recovery.
    The government takes peoples taxes and refuses to address ever-worsening social inequality, political and environmental deterioration and military debacles.

    Its primary role is to peddle illusions so that an atomized public, fixated on its electronic screens, that are diverted from the collapse and see its plight as personal rather than collective.

    Dissent is becoming more difficult as critics are censored and attacked as responsible for the decline. Hate groups and hate crimes are proliferating and are tacitly empowered and condoned by the state and trump. Mass shootings are commonplace. The weak-especially children, women, the disabled, the sick and the elderly are becoming homeless or more exploited, abandoned -abused.

  5. Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

    Here’s an example of what I’ve been banging on about. This brief clip was taken last Saturday in Montpellier (south of France). Whilst the protestors are angry they are not actually attacking the police. The police response is tear gas and rubber bullets. What’s not easily discernible in this clip is that the gilets jaunes are for the most part just ordinary people; men and women of all ages and from all backgrounds…

  6. Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

    Also from last Saturday, a longer clip from Dijon (eastern France), which shows the police giving the demonstrators the full works: water cannon, tear gas, ‘whizzbangs’ (rubber bullets that explode on impact) and grenades. The police were at both ends of the street here and the gilets jaunes had to escape through side streets and alleys…

  7. freddy says:

    Fire in Paris apartment building kills eight
    A massive fire in an apartment in the affluent 16th arrondissement (district) in western Paris killed at least eight people and injured around 30 others in the early hours of Tuesday, according to French authorities.

  8. freddy says:

    Paris fire: Ten dead and many injured at apartment block

    Ten people including a baby have died in a fire at an eight-storey building in south-western Paris, fire service officials say.

    More than 30 people – including six firefighters – were injured. One person is in a serious condition.

    Fifty people were evacuated by ladders from the blaze in the upmarket 16th arrondissement.

    The Paris prosecutor says it may have been deliberately started. Police have detained a female suspect.

    French President Emmanuel Macron said that the country “had woken up to tragedy”, and praised the fire services for their courage.

  9. Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

    “The French National Assembly has overwhelmingly supported the controversial “anti-riot” law, which bans demonstrators from hiding their faces and allows the authorities to bar those they deem as ‘troublemakers’ from protesting. ”

    This bill has now been passed by the lower house of the French Parliament, in which Macron’s “La République En Marche” (“The Republic on the Move”) party has a majority. It should be noted that the bill still needs to be passed by the upper house of the French Parliament before it becomes law. At present it does not seem likely that this will happen.

    Either way, Macron & Co are toast and we can only hope that this doesn’t turn into a civil war.

    The CGT (biggest union in France) demonstrated in Paris today, the first day of a general strike. There were lots of gilets jaunes there as well. Notable was that the CRS (French riot police) went straight in, which they don’t normally do at union protests.

    • freddy says:

      I am sorry things are so ghastly in France, Rob.
      Here in the United Kingdom, we still have little idea, what our masters have planned for us but No-Deal-Brexit
      is looking like a real possibility.
      What is evident, that among the majority of the population there is a feeling a calm, nobody is much bothered what happens, most people are just not concerned by the possible outcomes, I suppose this is good.

      • freddy says:

        The EU Elite are complete SCUM
        Special Place in Hell for Brexiteers

        • freddy says:

          Brussels officials were quick to clarify Mr Tusk’s remarks, stressing to BBC correspondent Adam Fleming that the Brexiteers’ special place in hell would be for when they are dead and “not right now”.

          Jean-Claude Juncker tried to laugh off the comments at a later press conference with Mr Varadkar.

          These E.U. Elite are so ghastly, I can’t imagine why any people would want to be part of their club,
          they have such contempt for ordinary people.

  10. freddy says:


    The fire, which began on Tuesday morning, was declared a major incident that evening and took a “dramatic turn” on Wednesday.
    There are now fears of a blast at the site.

    Probably all part of the Brexit No-Food-In-the-shops SCAM.
    To make up wish we had never been born Brexiteers.
    It wont wash Donald Tusk

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