Brexit Brouhaha

Politics in the western world has gone completely mad. The politicians are like five-year-olds on LSD, thus it makes it incredibly difficult to predict anything; but I’m going to go out on a limb here with my take on Brexit.

The EU referendum in 2016 should have gone to Remain, because there was Project Fear and the voting was rigged and all the rest of it. Despite all this the referendum went for Brexit. It was the first big protest, in this instance from the long suffering plebs in the UK. That same year the election of President Trump in the USA was the second big protest. It could be argued that the present yellow vest movement in France is the third big protest.

The psychopaths who rule us are well aware of all this, and we all know how cunning psychopaths can be: Theresa May was installed as prime minister to wreck Brexit (and if you want proof that May is one of the psychos, remember that as Home Secretary she deliberately sabotaged an inquiry into the rape and murder of children, and also as Home Secretary she was the architect of ‘police state Britain’).

May’s idiotic EU withdrawal bill is planned to fail, which is why she is quite embarrassingly dragging it out right to the wire: there will be a hard Brexit on 29th March. Yippee! shout the Brexiteers, but don’t celebrate too soon, because the 29th March exit seems to be carefully planned. See, the psychopaths are in a quandary here. They want to prevent Brexit but they know that the public mood won’t tolerate reversing Brexit. A ‘people’s vote’, a second referendum, will most likely have even more people voting for Brexit, particularly since the scales have fallen from many Remainers eyes with regard to negotiations with the EU.

So, I’ll be very surprised if there’s not a hard Brexit on 29th March. After that a new centrist party will be formed by Tory and Labour remainers, a party presided over by the Prince of Darkness, Tony Blair. This will split the Labour vote, which is why it looks like there will be a general election in June, which the polls say the Tories will win with a small majority. The presstitutes’ all out attacks on Jeremy Corbyn (last Sunday’s Daily Mail, for instance, was a wonder to behold) points towards this.

While all this is going on, Brexit Britain will come under heavy financial attack. There’ll be a run on the Pound and all the rest of it, with lots of manufactured chaos. UK politicians will just have to call another referendum, this time asking voters if Britain should rejoin the EU. Job done for the psychopaths.

But there’s a fly in the ointment…

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14 Responses to Brexit Brouhaha

  1. Teri says:

    You are a dumn wet brain fuckhead. Trump won as planned by Cambridge analytical and i360

  2. Harold Niever says:

    How much bitcoin do u get each time u write fascist propaganda about trump. Such bullshit. Maybe Lepen will win and u will get way u desere

  3. Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

    Judging by the reader’s/bot comments so far I seem to be on or near the mark with this post.

    It’s fascinating stuff!

    • Teri says:

      No bot. U know it. Clown. U cannot take criticism. Alky. Uneducated loser. Mommas boy. No bots. Just love it when a loser like rob who knows what he is calls critics bots. He will censor these. Too much for its fragile ego

  4. JOML says:

    Interesting few months ahead, Rob. I’m not sure if it will be the making or breaking of Scottish independence, but can’t see anything but trouble from a UK perspective. Unbelievable lack of talent and vision from our rulers, who can’t see past their own power and wealth.
    Also, congratulations on your “dumn wet brain fuckhead” nomination!

    • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

      John, Brexit is a huge ball of wool just with regard to England, let alone with the other nations that make up our Union. My own take on it is that if Brexit is really allowed to happen Scotland will become independent and the six counties will become part of the republic of Ireland; but who knows what is going to happen!

      You’ve no doubt already seen Ian Blackford’s performance today in the House of Commons, but for those who haven’t…

      • freddy says:

        Rob it seems May is putting off the “second meaningful vote” untill a few days before Cliff Edge End of Days

        so maybe this means vote for her deal or maybe it might mean straight over the top.
        We shall no doubt see.
        Still at least they are not yet getting the police to launch grenades at the people.

        • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

          Freddy, in December Theresa May and her government were found to be in contempt of Parliament (because they deliberately tried to conceal legal advice about the withdrawal agreement, principally about the now infamous ‘backstop’). Such contempt of Parliament has never happened before in British history, and should have brought the government down. It didn’t. Bear in mind that this is a government which does not have a real majority in the House of Commons.

          In January Theresa May’s withdrawal bill was voted down by (once again a first in history) a record number of MPs. This should have been the end of this minority government, but it wasn’t.

          Thirdly we have the Institute for Statecraft/Integrity Initiative, where government/tax payer’s money was used to slander the leader of the opposition. This should again have resulted in the fall of May’s minority government (and lead to prosecutions). It didn’t.

          Theresa May is now being portrayed by the presstitutes like she’s everyone’s favourite auntie, when in fact May is a criminal of the highest order and should not be allowed anywhere near a position of power (for extra revs see my reply to John above).

          Whatever your politics, I think many people are now starting to see all this for what it really is: a total charade.

          (by the way, you wouldn’t believe the strength of tear gas that the CRS are now using in France. God forbid that anyone else gets killed, but if it does happen it’ll probably be a result of this heavy duty tear gas).

  5. freddy says:

    Opportunity Knox

    French cash delivery man arrested after a van with €3m vanishes

    Two cash delivery workers in France got a shock when they found their money-filled van had vanished – along with the third member of their team.

    The van was soon found nearby but there was no sign of the 28-year-old driver or €3.4m (£3m) in cash.

    • freddy says:

      Rob, nobody seems to have a clue what is going to happen in the U.K.
      yet we do not riot, we remain bemused.

      • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

        Freddy, the level of propaganda/lies put out by the MSM in the UK (and everywhere else in the western world) is quite breathtaking. Unfortunately a lot of people still believe all the nonsense put out by the psychos and criminals who rule us. The Brexit stuff is a good example of this. Britain is facing what is probably its biggest crisis since the Second World War, and what are the presstitutes saying about it..? Next to nothing. Instead we get headlines and non-stop chatter about a young girl who ran off to join ISIS and now apparently wants to return to the UK; a totally fabricated story by the way, fabricated by the security services, the same totally out of control and criminal security services who set-up ISIS in the first place.

        The recent stuff about the supposed ‘Douma chemical attack’ might help to wake more people up, but I’m not holding my breath on that. Sadly it seems that only another major economic crash – which many have been predicting for a long time – will make the majority realise that they are living in a complete fecking lunatic asylum, and they have been screwed royally. Things might change then.

  6. freddy says:

    Macron on the BRINK

    Amnesty France accused the French Macron leader of breaking international law

    • freddy says:

      Macron upset that some Yellow Jacket protesters are antisemitic.
      !4 weekends of protests, so now more than a quarter of a year has passed, the peasants still do not want what Macrons feed them, his bullshit.

      • freddy says:

        So five Labour members of parliament have split from Old Labour, these are the Friends of Israel, e.u. loving lot, who want Tony Blair back, good riddance.

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