A French Lawyer Speaks Out

Despite all the Brexit shenanigans going on in the UK Parliament I’m going to return to France again, because the French are way ahead of the Brits at the moment when it comes to realising what western society has become. I think the Brits will also start waking up this coming year, when they, too, start to understand that ‘democracy’ is a total sham and ordinary people are getting royally shafted, and the mainstream media have the morals of a Turkish Brothal keeper and pump out a constant stream of propaganda bullshit.

The gilets jaunes, the yellow vests, originate from my part of France, rural France. We’ve just had the 15th weekend of protests by the gilets jaunes. Many of the protestors feel like they no longer have anything to lose. A lot of them are prepared to lay down their lives in order to make France a working democracy. That’s the strength of feeling. The gilets jaunes are already looking ahead to Acte 17, in two weeks time, 8th to 10th of March, when apparently things will get mega.

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  1. freddy says:

    very moving Rob.
    The Council of Europe rights group on Tuesday urged France to halt the use of rubber bullet launchers blamed for dozens of injuries to anti-government protesters in recent weeks.

    Also, apparently France is in such a mess, the Economy of the U.K. has overtaken the Economy of France.

    I wonder why, when the U.K. is in such a mess, nobody demonstrates?

  2. freddy says:

    Rioters clashed with police in the eastern French city of Grenoble on Sunday night after two teenagers died in a collision with a coach while they were being chased by police.

    The teenagers, aged 17 and 19, ran into a coach on a bridge as they fled by scooter late on Saturday evening.

    Neither had been wearing a helmet, reports say.

    Youths set up barricades and threw petrol bombs at police and set fire to cars in the centre of the city.

    Tensions were high for a second night running on Sunday in the Mistral district of the city where the teenagers lived.

    Locals accused police of a blunder and one relative told an AFP reporter “you can write that the police were responsible for their deaths”.

    Around 15 vehicles, including two construction vehicles, were torched.

    • freddy says:

      Within hours of the accident on Saturday night dozens of people tried to break into a CRS riot police headquarters in the Mistral area but were forced back by tear gas.

      Would you say Rob, that things are starting to get out of hand, in France?

  3. freddy says:

    The un-named woman was on a conjugal visit to 27-year-old Frenchman Michael Chiolo, who is serving a 30-year sentence for armed robbery, kidnapping and murder, when the couple launched their brutal attack. Anti-terrorist prosecutor Remy Heitz said the pair shouted Allahu Akbar when they stabbed the prison officers with a ceramic knife smuggled into the prison by the woman.

    The woman was shot dead and Chiolo suffered minor injuries as the stand-off ended when police stormed the room.

    Mr Heitz said: “He said he wanted to avenge Cherif Chekatt who killed five people in a terrorism attack in Strasbourg in December.

    • freddy says:

      This goes to show, that it would be unsafe, to allow Jihadists or their women to re-enter Western Society.
      They hate us and will not stop their killings, by any means.

      • freddy says:

        The U.K. Quid is worth 4 % more against the Euro than twelve months ago.

        It seems to me that it will be Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands and Germania that will feel the cold wind, much more than the Atlantacist U.K.

        • freddy says:

          The U.K. invented the Agrarian Revolution, then the Industrial Revolution, then Steam Power, the lathe, then railways, then jet engines, hovercraft, the first Jet
          commercial aircraft, television, the computer, graphine,
          somehow I do not think we will sink, do you Rob?

  4. freddy says:

    France is experiencing an “epidemic” of eye injuries as police repeatedly deploy golf-ball-sized rubber bullets, France’s top ophthalmologists say, urging President Macron to halt use of the projectiles.
    As the Yellow Vest protests enter their 17th consecutive week, the debate around the government’s alleged use of excessive force continues to gain momentum. On Saturday, the French newspaper Journal du Dimanche published a letter to President Macron written by the country’s 35 leading ophthalmologists, in which they asserted that the police’s use of rubber bullets has led to an “epidemic of serious eye injuries.”


    How long can these state mutilations be allowed to go on?

  5. freddy says:

    Black Blocks


    Today Mrs. May lost more than 1300 councillors.
    Britain is starting to rebel against its masters but we are years behind the French
    with their non-stop agravation protests, is it working yet, Rob?

  6. freddy says:

    More police violence against Yellow Jackets

    Inspectors are investigating each incident at the request of Paris police chief Didier Lallement, reports say.

    Interior minister Christophe Castaner said “there will be punishment” if any officers are found to be at fault.

    He has himself faced calls to resign, after critics said he had spread “fake news” in accusing protesters of an “attack” on La Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris.


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