Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, It’s Super Jezza!

How many politicians, past or present, could you name who would have been able to survive what Jeremy Corbyn has been through this last three years or so? There are 172 Labour MPs and only about 20 are true supporters of Corbyn. The rest of the Labour MPs are doing everything they can to get rid of Corbyn, which has included two leadership challenges. This has been against the backdrop of an unprecedented character assassination campaign pumped out daily by the presstitutes. The main meme of this campaign is that anti-semitism is rife in the Labour Party and Corbyn is doing nothing to stop it. Things seemed to have come to a head these last few weeks with the suspension of Chris Williamson MP from the Labour Party, supposedly for making anti-semitic remarks. Williamson is Corbyn’s staunchest ally, and the fact that Corbyn seems to have done nothing to prevent Williamson’s suspension has caused many Corbynistas to abandon their man, including George Galloway. To be fair to Corbyn, he’s in an almost impossible position, with the entire British Establishment doing everything they can to destroy him. What do Corbynistas expect their hero to do, run into a phone box and come out a short time later wearing tights, a cape and a leotard with Super Jezza on the front?

What is perhaps fair criticism of Corbyn is when people say that “he’s too nice for politics” or “he’s not aggressive enough”. I would say that this is the whole point of Corbyn: he’s ‘normal’, as opposed to the corrupt psychopaths who mostly inhabit the green and red benches…

A seriously important and highly credible study was published five months ago last October. It was completely ignored by all of the mainstream media. Not one took the opportunity to publish the stunning revelations for fear of what might happen if they did. The report has unpalatable political consequences for the government – in fact, both Labour and Tory are implicated by the exposure of this colossal crime.

On the 5th October the 2018 SPERI report was published. The Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute made some stunning statements. Its first paragraph stated that – “(this report) suggests that the total cost of lost growth potential for the UK caused by ‘too much finance’ between 1995 and 2015 is in the region of £4,500 billion. This total figure amounts to roughly 2.5 years of the average GDP across the period.” (I strongly suggest that folks follow this link and read the entire article)

I get the impression that most people see the anti-semitism smear campaign for the total rollocks it is. This week the witch hunt took on new heights of hype and hysteria, when Labour MP Siobhan McDonagh was interviewed on Radio 4. When asked by the presenter, John Humphrys, if she believed that the Labour Party is taking anti-Semitism “properly seriously”, McDonagh replied: “I’m not sure that some people in the Labour Party can. It’s very much part of their politics, of hard left politics, to be against capitalists and to see Jewish people as the financiers of capital. Ergo you are anti-Jewish people” (here).

One of the lesser known victims of the anti-semitism witch hunt is Peter Gregson, a GMB union official who last December was expelled for claiming, amongst other things, ‘Israel exaggerates the Holocaust for political ends’. Last Thursday Peter Gregson was interviewed by Richie Allen. Whatever your views on all this it’s well worth a listen, because Gregson makes some really salient points…

The complete Richie Allen show can be found here.

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