Brexit Bollox

This piece in the Guardian today is archetypal of the utter insanity that the western world has become…

May’s appeal falls flat as EU seizes control of Brexit date
(as an aside, the way the MSM reverentially treat President Macron is just laughable, considering that he’s the most hated president in French history and his country is in a state of open revolt at the moment)

The European Union has kindly allowed a two week extension until Brexit, in the hope of forcing MPs to accept Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement. The alternative is a no deal Brexit (cue ‘Project Fear’). The twists and turns and legalities of all this are starting to baffle not just this commentator. On the 13th of March MPs voted against a no deal Brexit, but this vote was ‘indicative’; it has no legal standing. The default (legal) position remains a Brexit on 29th March, a week today, deal or no deal. As far as I understand it, MPs will have to vote for an extension (a ‘meaningful’ vote) for the extension to take place. The EU has no say in the matter, beyond offering an extension. Of course, what the EU is angling for is that MPs accept the withdrawal agreement, either before 29th March or during the extension period. The alternative is (cue the sound of thunder and lightening) a no deal Brexit. The withdrawal agreement (which is actually a legally binding treaty with the EU), contains the ‘backstop’ arrangement, which potentially keeps Britain in the EU indefinitely, and with no voting rights. Anyone who signs-up to the withdrawal agreement is, effectively, committing treason, and of course Theresa May should have been carted off to the Tower a long time ago.

People are often surprised when they discover I’m a Brexiteer, since I’ve lived in France for many years. I am pro-Europe, but I’m not pro-European Union because it is run by neo-cons, globalists and banksters and is now far removed from Europe’s socialist roots. Consider the following:

The EU has raped Greece, and has impoverished huge swathes of other Europeans with its policy of austerity and other neo-con goodies (the Labour Party manifesto, by the way, with its policies of nationalisation, etc, is against EU law).

The EU goes along with the totally ridiculous ‘Salisbury poisoning’ false flag, and the following Amesbury poisoning. The official narrative of these events just keeps getting more and more bizarre.

The EU is quite happy to go along with American led sanctions against Russia, despite the fact that these sanctions hurt European countries far more than they do Russia.

The EU is quite happy with NATO encroaching right up to Russia’s border, and deploying missiles. The EU is not concerned about a nuclear war taking place on European soil.

The EU just loves American and Israeli led wars in Africa and the Middle East, wars that have caused a Biblical flood of refugees into Europe.

Further afield, the EU recognises Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of Venezuela; ie, the EU goes along with totally illegal ‘regime change’ operations by the US.

I could go on and on with this. My point is that the utterly corrupt and shabby institution that is the European Union needs to be taken down. Brexit will be the first big kick. Other European countries will then follow.

If Brexit does happen (against all the odds), we need a Corbyn-led government. Otherwise, if the Tories get in again they’ll turn Britain into a Dickensian theme park, which they’ve half done already.

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  1. freddy says:

    The Boyfriend

    French Senate asks prosecutors to probe Emmanuel Macron aides over Benalla affair
    In a new twist to the Benalla affair, the French Senate asked judicial authorities to probe three senior aides to Emmanuel Macron over the scandal on Thursday, including the president’s “right-hand man” Alexis Kohler.
    A Senate commission decided to report Alexandre Benalla – Macron’s former bodyguard, whom video footage has shown beating up a protester at a May Day rally – Patrick Strzoda and Vincent Crase, a reservist in the national gendarmerie, on the grounds that they are suspected of concealing the truth when interrogated by the parliamentary committee.

    France seems rife with corruption

  2. freddy says:

    The Elite seem intent on keeping Britain lashed to the wheel of the sinking ship
    European Union.

  3. freddy says:

    After last week’s riots, which resulted in more than 120 arrests, French President Emmanuel Macron had vowed “tough” action.

    There has been widespread criticism of anti-terrorist forces being used to control crowds, with politicians from across the political spectrum voicing concerns.

    The family of a 73-year-old French woman injured in a police charge at a protest are taking legal action.

    Geneviève Legay fell and hit her head on a metal post during the banned “yellow vest” demonstration in Nice.

    The incident, captured on video by demonstrators and journalists, is being investigated.

    Ms Legay, who sustained skull fractures and bleeding next to the brain, is reported to be in a stable condition in intensive care.

    I find it hard to believe they are beating up pensioners, Rob.

  4. freddy says:

    Clashes have erupted at a protest by fairground workers in the French city of Le Mans, who are demanding the right to set up stall in the town centre.

    Police pushed back hundreds of demonstrators as rioters targeted the city hall, where staff were evacuated.
    There are reports of injuries.

    Rioters pushed a burning gypsy caravan at police who fired rubber pellet grenades into the crowd, French media say.

    At one point protesters occupied the city’s railway station.

    And it’s only Monday.

  5. freddy says:

    Mrs. May has offered to resign.

    I wonder if Emmanuel Macron will offer to resign?

  6. freddy says:

    Mrs.May has lost her Deal is now off the table.
    We should be leaving at eleven o’clock tonight.
    What a shambles.

  7. freddy says:

    One and a third million more people voted for Leave, than voted for Remain, yet the ghastly members of Parliament think they know better, they know that we voted the wrong way.
    They are a terrible group of self serving individuals who would sell their own grandmothers for a tin of beer.

  8. freddy says:

    More Grand Farce, last night with The Ship of Fools

    Conservative MP Nick Boles quits party after his soft Brexit plan fails

    Again all options put to Parliament were not accepted.

    We must be the laughing stock of Europe by now.

  9. freddy says:

    Emmanuel Macron Speaking ahead of talks with Varadkar,
    Macron noted that,
    “If the United Kingdom is not capable, almost three years after the referendum, of coming forward with a solution that is supported by a majority,
    it will have effectively chosen a no-deal exit on its own.”
    cheeky French Bastard, he wants to sort his own country out, look at the state of France, virtually open insurrection for the last six months.

  10. Doug says:

    The elite is going to turn america, france, and england into fukushima-style, radioactive spewing-shitholes. I wish the best to france to get rid of their duopoly, america and england too.

    Hopefully england and france will have enough sense to stay away from lying fascist scum, like trump.

    Just get rid of your gaddamned bankers and any fascist assholes, that will sell u out to them like obama, clinton , bush and trump

  11. freddy says:

    United Kingdom Police ready 10,000 RIOT officers as fears BREXIT tensions could worsen

    U.K. beginning to resemble France?

  12. freddy says:

    Hey Rob, are you alright?

    try this
    Mississippi Fred McDowell – You gotta move

    • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

      Freddy, I’ve had lots of heavy shit to deal with this last month or so, but I’m ok (thanks for asking).

      I really liked the Fred McDowell track. I’ve now got him marked down for a future music post.

      Keep your chin up, and I hope you’re well.

  13. freddy says:

    Unemployment across U.K. shows slight fall, again.
    The U.K.’s unemployment rate of 3.9% is now lower than at any time since the end of 1975.
    Unemployment fell by 27,000 in the three months to February to 1.34 million, official Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures show.

    The number of people in work was also virtually unchanged at a record high of 32.7 million, with a jump of 179,000.

    I think the last unemployment figure quoted for France was 8.8% for Italy 11.8%

    considering we don’t know what we are doing, the U.K. Economy seems to be ticking along with a dead government.

  14. freddy says:

    U.K. inflation remains at 1.9%

    Parliament, immediately after the granting by the gracious E.U. of a seven months Brexit delay, shut and go on Easter holidays for a fortnight, they are exhausted, the poor dears.

    However, the real news is that the U.K. Economy trundles on seemingly completely unfazed by the Brexit troubles, it is like the Ship of State, serene in its years, knowing no doubt.

    The U.K. Economy will do well, in or out of the E.U.

    Peace to all.

  15. freddy says:

    U.K. Economy is booming

    Retail sales jumped in March as good weather enticed shoppers to U.K. stores.

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the year-on-year growth in March was 6.7% – the highest since October 2016.

    So even though the U.K. has a non-fuctioning government

    the Economy is doing brilliantly.

  16. freddy says:

    Paris in FLAMES again as protesters cause chaos across France days after Notre Dame fire.
    Over 60,000 police officers have been deployed across France after yellow vest protesters took to the streets for a 23rd consecutive weekend. At least 5,000 police officers were stationed in Paris alone.

    Hi Rob, are ordinary people getting fed up with all the protests, yet?

    • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

      Freddy, I can only speak for my very rural neck of the woods, where these protests grow ever stronger. It’s incredible that this latest wave of protests has now been going on for 23 weeks and the Macron government is still in power.

  17. freddy says:

    With tax cuts and other major reforms expected to be announced, Emmanuel Macron is to hold the first ever formal press conference of his presidency on Thursday.
    It seems not even the patriotic re-bound from Notre Dame can save the ailing Macron.
    Less than 30% of the populace trust the little shit

  18. freddy says:

    Hi Rob, the anger of the Conservative Party Members, who overwhelmingly voted for BREXIT, is beginning to tell, they want Theresa Gone, they are shouting
    “Get Thee Behind Me Satan”

    In this case, Satan is the E.U.
    A grassroots plot to force Theresa May into quitting has secured enough support to trigger an emergency party meeting for a no-confidence vote. The Prime Minister’s failure to secure Britain’s exit from the European Union has unleashed a furious uprising in the party.

  19. freddy says:

    French ex-PM Fillon and British wife face ‘fake jobs’ trial
    Two years after French presidential favourite François Fillon became caught up in a public funding scandal, investigating judges have recommended that he and his wife Penelope Fillon should go on trial.

    Corruption seems to run rife in France.

  20. freddy says:

    Eurosceptics within the Tory party have increased by a third since the Prime Minister’s last attempt to bring her Brexit deal back to Parliament.

    The mood in Britain is finally turning dangerous, people are furious we have not already left the hated European Union
    and are particularly blaming Theresa May.

  21. freddy says:

    Now Gavin has been sacked for leaking from the security council, an imprisonable offence.
    He was Defence Secretary, had previously been chief whip.
    This narrows down the possible replacements for Mrs.May.
    Her government are hanging by a thread.
    Local elections today.

  22. freddy says:

    Today, the truth, will begin to emerge.
    Will we be allowed to have The Brexit
    seventeen and a half million voters, voted for?

    Brexit Party
    expected to do quite well
    in the Euroelections today.

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