Piers Corbyn on Climate Change and Extinction Rebellion

I’ve had all kinds of stuff going on just recently, not least technical problems with my web hosting company. Hopefully the technical side of things will now be back to normal.

I’m afraid that the term ‘normal’ can no longer be applied to the world we live in. Here’s a little timeline of some recent events:

Fifty people died and dozens more were injured in the attacks on two mosques in Christchurch on 15 March

Blaze Erupts at Jerusalem’s Historic al-Aqsa Mosque as Notre Dame Burns (VIDEO)

Notre-Dame blaze: 24 hours that rocked Paris and shocked the world

Sri Lanka Bombing Maps: What We Know About the Attack Sites

Make of all this what you will. I’ll just say that these ‘events’ always seem to miraculously mirror political unrest in the West. Talking of which, we have an obviously manufactured group called Extinction Rebellion who have been protesting just recently against ‘climate change’ (Here and Here for further information about this group). Extinction Rebellion have no anti-war or anti-austerity message, and the Presstitutes just love them, as do the police and the authorities. These things on their own should tell you just how phoney Extinction Rebellion are. It’s like living in China during the Cultural Revolution. That’s how bad things have now become in the West; and if you’re still having a hard time understanding just how evil the Presstitutes are see Here.

Whilst climate change is real – they used to have ice fairs on the river Thames and long before that the Romans grew grapes in the north of England. This is historical fact – man made climate change is a somewhat contentious issue that I normally steer clear of. However, due to all the recent Extinction Rebellion rollocks I thought I should present an alternative point of view, in the form of Piers Corbyn, the brother of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. I just say to people, make up your own mind about all this…

Richie Allen – Piers Corbyn on climate change and ER from es1964RobG on Vimeo.

The complete Richie Allen show can be found here.

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  1. freddy says:

    Heathrow runway three to go ahead, this will mean the airport will be running at 160%

    British government not interested in Global Warming
    or air quality
    or what ordinary people think or want.

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