The National Security State – Gore Vidal

When Julian Assange was carried out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London last month, looking haggard and hirsute, he was brandishing a book (don’t you just love the smirking police officer in the foreground)…

The book Assange was clutching was published quite recently, in 2014. It’s a collection of interviews and essays by Gore Vidal and is called A History of the National Security State. The book covers stuff that Gore Vidal was saying many decades ago. In light of that I thought I’d post a speech given by Gore Vidal to the National Press Club (annual dinner) in Washington. What I find fascinating about this is that Vidal gave this speech in 1998, more than three years before 9/11. The video is a bit grainy in parts (it’s more than 20 years old)…

Gore Vidal died in 2012, aged 86. You can find a video obit here.

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  1. freddy says:

    Julian Assange is banged up in London.
    The woman who claimed Julian had sex with her without a condom, while she was asleep is wanting him banged up in Sweden, according to her lawyer.

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