More About the Gilets Jaunes

Perchance, shortly before I made my previous post about the gilets jaunes, Russia Today (RT) put out a documentary about them. You can compare this with another documentary from Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster, called France’s yellow rebellion – a movement against Macron. It’s all propaganda, but I can tell you, as someone who lives in France, that the DW documentary is not very accurate, whereas the RT documentary is bang on the mark…

Note: I’m using Twitter more and more to embed videos because using YouTube directly is becoming so restricted/censored.

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  1. freddy says:

    Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire estimated the cost at €4 billion euros,
    or 0.2 percent of GDP in lost growth

    Who is the more popular May or Macron?

    In the Euroelections the Conservatives are polled to be bottom, with less than ten percent of the votes
    this is because they have not delivered BREXIT

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