Au Revoir Treason May

Almost three years ago, shortly after a referendum that asked for Brexit, the then Prime Minister David Cameron stood at a podium outside No.10 Downing Street and announced that he was resigning. After giving a short speech, Cameron turned and made his way back into No.10. He was whistling a tune, although it was hard to hear above all the camera clicks. As he got to the door of No.10 he began humming the tune…

This morning Cameron’s successor Prime Minister Theresa May also stood at a podium outside No.10 and announced her resignation. May spoke for about six minutes, and finished in tears. There’s much in what May said, not least the Jewish/anti-semitic angle, climate change and the Grenfell Tower fire, but I’ll leave it to others to interpret all this, because there’s been reams written about Treason May today. Not surprisingly, the Establishment have been fawning over our soon to resign Prime Minister. Getting back to David *don’t mention pigs* Cameron, his response to the resignation has been typical…

Theresa May’s resignation announcement comes hot on the heels of news that last year’s Douma chemical attack was a false flag event, a false flag that gave Theresa May, along with the US and France, the excuse to drop lots of bombs on Syria, killing a large number of people. Also, yesterday the criminal psychos who run the USA announced a huge number of espionage charges against Julian Assange, charges that could result in Assange being sentenced to 175 years in jail, simply for telling the truth and lifting the stone to reveal these cockroaches.

I thought that one of the best responses to Theresa May’s resignation today was from Afshin Rattansi. I find this clip to be quite funny, because the presenter keeps trying to shut down Rattansi, no doubt fearing a lawsuit or action by OffCom. Everything that Rattansi says here is true. Go look it up if you don’t believe me…

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4 Responses to Au Revoir Treason May

  1. freddy says:

    After three defeats for her Brexit deal in Parliament, May threw in the towel on Friday, announcing that she will step down as party leader on June 7.
    Bye Bye
    The Brexit Party are the BIG winners of the Euroelections.
    Brexit Party to have as may MEP’s as Conservative, Labour +Liberals combined.

    • freddy says:

      BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said it was the worst performance for the Conservatives as a party since 1832.

      “If this was a first-past-the-post election, they would not have taken a single seat,” she said.

      Well the people of the United Kingdom voted for Brexit
      but Parliament seems to want to Remain.
      How can you have a Parliament that will not do the bidding of the voters?

      This is the BIG Question.

  2. JOML says:

    Thanks, Rob – very refreshing to hear a candid perspective of May’s record. If MSM followed suit, the world would be a better place, or at least a more honest place.

  3. freddy says:

    My MP has just been deselected by the local conservative association because we have voted overwhelmingly for leave but our mp is a remoaner.

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