Chemical Gina and Julia Assange

There’s been rumours flying around for a number of weeks now that the security services (those jolly chaps in MI5 and the CIA, et al) have been administering psychotropic drugs to Julian Assange in Belmarsh Prison, in London. Today there’s been many reports that Julian Assange is ‘gravely ill’ and has been moved to the hospital wing of Belmarsh Prison. Are they trying to kill him..? Who knows, although my take on it is that the psychopaths who rule us would prefer to make an example of Julian Assange, rather than simply snuff him out. Oh, and as an aside, I wonder if British people are aware that MI5 agents can now murder anyone they wish on the streets of Britain without any legal redress whatsoever. The security services are totally out of control and without any proper oversight at all.

But getting back to Julian Assange, an MI5 agent by the name of David Shayler was also banged up in Belmarsh Prison. This was back in the early 2000s. Shayler was prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act for revealing that a British security service plot to kill Colonel Gaddafi in Libya resulted in a large number of innocent civillians being killed. David Shayler spent 3 weeks in Belmarsh Prison (followed by 5 weeks in Ford Open Prison). After serving his time, Shayler became ‘a bit strange’, describing himself as ‘the son of God’ and adopting a transvestite alter ego called Delores Kane. Does this have shades of Chelsea Manning? (although the official story states that Manning came out as transgender before doing prison time in the US). Don’t be surprised if Julian Assange starts describing himself as ‘Julia’ and starts wearing lipstick and stockings and suspenders.

Remember, we are ruled by psychopaths.

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  1. JOML says:

    Rob, looks like we all need to look in that dark hole…
    The fact that Assange can be treated this way is beyond comprehension.

  2. freddy says:

    Julian Assange: Swedish judge rejects detention of Wikileaks founder

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