It’s Iran Wot Dunnit

Moon of Alabama disagrees with the consensus in the alternate media, and states that Iran might well have been responsible for the attacks this week on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman. Who knows..? What I do know is that there is going to be another big war sometime soon (and it might come from an unexpected direction), because we consent to allow psychopaths to rule us, which always means the ongoing destruction of the planet and endless wars.

On a less depressing note, let’s have some more of John Betjeman, this time messing around on trains in Norfolk in the 1960s. Having been born in 1964 (2 days before the Vietnam War officially kicked-off, following the Gulf of Tonkin false flag) I can just about remember this era of British Railways and steam trains. I don’t want to romanticise these times, because the psychos who rule Britain were back then involved in a number of vicious conflicts around the world as part of the retreat from Empire. I suppose my rose tinted glasses are because British society did seem to be a bit more civil back then…

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  1. freddy says:

    It could be Iran wot done it
    but it could also be a FALSE FLAG SCAM

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