Galloway and Hedges Chew the Cud

Before I get onto this week’s interview that Chris Hedges did with George Galloway, I should mention that this weekend was Acte 35 of the gilets jaunes protests; ie, the 35th consecutive week of protests, not just in Paris but all over France. Yesterday, Sunday 14th July was Bastille Day, which is probably the biggest public holiday in France. President Macron took part in a military parade on the Champs Elysees, and was roundly booed…

After the parade violence broke out and the police almost beat one of the protestors to death; this on the streets of one of the most iconic cities in western Europe. Such police brutality has been a hallmark of the last 35 weeks in France. On this Bastille day weekend there have been mass arrests of people associated with the gilets jaunes movement. None of this gets reported by the presstitutes…

I have a lot to say about all this, but I’m too tired at the moment. So instead let’s have George Galloway being interviewed by Chris Hedges on his On Contact programme. Galloway and Hedges are virtually on the same page, politically speaking, but that doesn’t make their conversation any less interesting…

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  1. freddy says:

    I really like George, always have.
    Great chat, in a casual “interview” you generally find out a lot.

  2. freddy says:

    Today we learn our new Prime minister Boris Johnson is going to take back control of our seas, this means that France will no longer be able to steal our fish, unless we let them.
    France has vowed to steal our fish.
    The BIG PUNCHUP is awaited.

  3. freddy says:

    US President Donald Trump has accused French President Emmanuel Macron of “foolishness” over a digital services tax,
    and hinted that he would tax French wine in retaliation.

    Apparently Boris Johnson is a friend of Donald Trump and he should have been made Prime minister much sooner.

    Trump: US and UK working on ‘very substantial’ trade deal

  4. freddy says:

    A tourist was killed in the crossfire of a Kalashnikov gangland shooting at a petrol station in the South of France that left two others dead.

    A couple using a hired scooter while on holiday in the South of France were sprayed with bullets as they passed the AK-47 shooting in which three people died.

    One of the pair – a woman whose nationality is not known – was among the deceased in the bloodbath at a petrol station in Ollioules, near Toulon, on Sunday.

    Two men were also killing in the gun attack at around 8pm last night.

    Nice and quiet in the South of England Rob, we are all awaiting Halloween when we get our freedom back.

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