Update on the Gilets Jaunes

I can’t say too much about how things stand at the present (because we now live in what are effectively police states). If you want a good resource article about what’s happening in France you can find it here…


Likewise the Sakar has also done a piece on it, albeit from a different angle…


As someone who’s lived in rural France for almost two decades I can give you a lot more accurate stuff than the above two links. Problem is, it’s now like living in Nazi Germany during the late 1930s (please read my first link).

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  1. freddy says:

    Jean-Mathieu Michel: French mayor run over and killed after row over illegal tipping
    the driver of the van has now been placed under formal investigation and could face manslaughter charges. He says it was an accident.
    Michel has been mayor of Signes since 1983. His death has sparked shock in the community.

    How ghastly.

  2. freddy says:

    Today we learn that a policeman pulled over a driver who was not insured, the driver then struck the policeman in the head with a machette
    A 56-year-old man was arrested at the scene in Leyton on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.

    Det Ch Supt Richard Tucker described the attack, which happened shortly after midnight, as “frenzied, unprovoked and shocking”.

  3. JOML says:

    You reap what you sow, as the saying goes, and it looks like things are spiralling out off control. The world has truly gone mad – and I don’t feel fine, despite the following.

  4. freddy says:

    Boy thrown from London’s Tate Modern is French tourist, police say
    A six-year-old boy thrown from a tenth-floor viewing platform at London’s Tate Modern gallery is a French national who was visiting the British capital with his family.

    Again how truly awful.

  5. freddy says:

    Four weeks just married young policeman, run over by two vehicles and killed, maybe on purpose, ten people held on suspicion of murder, youngest 13. The policeman was due to go on Honeymoon, tomorrow.
    Rob, this is about fifteen miles from me, in the countryside.

  6. freddy says:

    Sonny Boy Williamson Fattening Frogs For Snakes

    • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

      Hello Freddy. I did reply to the e-mail you sent me. Your internet provider blocked my e-mail. This is part of what your internet provider said about blocking my e-mail (I’ve removed the first part of your e-mail address:

      < ********@btinternet.com> failed: btinternet.com:
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  7. freddy says:

    Rob, I got your email, all clear, no problem as far as I can see, I can email you and you can email me.

    Paris waiter ‘shot dead over slow sandwich service’

    there seems to be a lot of mindless killings, in both France and the U.K.

  8. freddy says:

    Emmanuel is putting Boris straight today.
    Boris should ask Emmanuel how he is getting on sorting out his Yellow Vest citoyens
    How long is it now ten months?

  9. freddy says:

    France’s Council of Ministers met for the first time on Wednesday after the summer break, ready to relaunch a series of reforms that have at times proven “unpopular”.

    Hi Rob, it would be good to hear an update from the Yellow Vest perspective.
    Also, could you let us know how people in France view the prospect of a Cliff Edge Brexit on Halloween?

  10. freddy says:

    Come on Rob, you must have a view on Hard Brexit

    United Kingdom PM Boris Johnson to suspend parliament until October 14,
    queen Elizabeth agrees.


  11. Freddy says:

    One man has reportedly been arrested, and the rumored presence of a second attacker remains unconfirmed by official sources.

    A suspected knife assault near a train station in Villeurbanne, France, has left one person dead and nine wounded, according to reports. Police are believed to have arrested one man.
    The attack occurred on Saturday afternoon at Laurent Bonnevay station in Villeurbanne

    • Freddy says:

      A police source said the alleged perpetrator was an Afghan asylum-seeker, unknown previously to both the police and the intelligence services.
      “There was a man at the 57 (bus stop) who started striking out with a knife in all directions,” said a young girl whose top was stained with blood.

      “He managed to hit, to cut open one person’s stomach,” she said.

      “He stabbed a guy in the head, he cut the ear of a lady and the lady was dying at the bus stop and no-one came to help,” she added, sobbing.

      She eventually managed to get the woman on a bus, which closed its doors and drove away from the scene.

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