Freddie Mercury – born 73 years ago today

For a Wikipedia page, Freddie’s one is fairly accurate, and if interested you can find it here.

I haven’t posted much on this blog recently, despite the fact that there’s an absolute mountain of historical stuff happening at the moment; not just in the UK and France, but all around the world.

It’s easy to become a bit burnt-out with it all; but always onwards and upwards, Carruthers!

Despite his stage persona, Freddie Mercury was a very introverted and shy person (Audrey Hepburn also comes into this category), and yet he lived his life at 100 miles-an-hour. Here’s one of what I think was Freddie’s best…

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  1. Freddy says:

    Boris Johnson says he would ‘rather be dead in a ditch’ than delay Hard Brexit

    • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

      Freddy, I’m going to address some of what you’ve raised in comments on earlier posts.

      But a quick summary here, down in the comments: the gilets jaunes are now into their 43rd week of protest (and by the way, there’s never been anything comparable to this in the western world). By late March of this year the maggot Macron realised that he couldn’t stop the protests by police intimidation/violence and news media demonisation, and so a policy of mass arrests and prosecutions has been brought into play. There’s now people doing serious time for minor stuff they carried out during yellow vests protests.

      • Freddy says:

        Anti-government protesters turned out in several French cities Saturday, hoping to inject fresh momentum into weekly demonstrations calling for social justice and the ouster of President Emmanuel Macron.
        I must admit you Continentals really stick to your hatred of your leaders, fair play to you, here in Dear Old Blighty the anew administration is imploding, we are not going to be allowed to have our sacred wishes of Leaving Europe by the double dealing scum members of parliament
        but almost no people are on the streets.
        The Drama is almost only played out in Westminster.
        Liberals are doing really well they have swept up half a dozen turncoat M.P.s over the last few months.

  2. Freddy says:

    I am not quite as old as Freddie Mercury
    but some days feel it.
    Fantastic music and fantastic performances, never got to see them live, great pity.

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