Gilets Jaunes – Acte 45

The following brief news report was today headlined on the front page of the online edition of the Guardian

Paris on high alert as protesters try to revive gilets jaunes movement
Sat 21 Sep 2019 10.43 BST
Last modified on Sat 21 Sep 2019 13.26 BST

Paris is under high security this weekend as anti-government protesters try to revive the gilets jaunes (yellow vests) movement against perceived economic injustice and the French president Emmanuel Macron’s government.

A few hundred anti-government protesters started marching through the Paris streets on Saturday morning.

Several calls for demonstrations have been issued by yellow vest supporters, environmental activists and a far-left workers union. France’s annual heritage weekend, a popular event with many cultural sites open to the public, is also taking place.

Authorities have deployed more than 7,000 police and banned protests in a large central area including the presidential palace, government and parliament buildings, the Champs-Élysees, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame cathedral.

The gilets jaunes movement that emerged 10 months ago petered out this summer.

(Editing in: it’s now Saturday evening and the Guardian have now completely altered the above article, blaming yellow vest black bloc protestors for causing violence and attacking climate change protestors. This is how Orwellian things have now become)

The above report originates from Associated Press and was published in the Guardian after this was going on in Paris…

To escape the tear gas many protestors ran into the nearby Saint Lazare railway station. The police followed them…

This was all happening this morning. As the day wore on more and more protestors managed to get through the police checkpoints and into central Paris. Incidentally, thesedays very few of the protestors wear the now famous yellow vest (the gilets jaune), because to do so makes you a prime target for police violence, arrest and more likely than not a prison sentence (this is happening in France, in the European Union, in 2019)…

These protests today are not just in Paris. They are in towns and cities all over France. Notable with today’s protests is that the ‘global warming brigade’ have joined in. Of course, an old cynic like me will say that the Extinction Rebellion stuff is all completely contrived by the psychopaths who rule us, to smother and take the edge off the real protests. This seems fairly obvious, because the real protestors face horrendous police violence (imagine how brave these people are), whereas the Extinction Rebellion mob are never attacked by the police. In fact, in the UK the police have been helping them.

It’s a funny old world, ay; and after the summer lull it’s going to be interesting to see what happens with the gilets jaunes movement. Even if the authorities do finally manage to stamp out the movement it will almost certainly pop up again in another form. People have had enough of ‘austerity’ and neo-liberalism; and there’s one thing I can almost guarantee: if a Frexit referendum were held, the French people would vote overwhelmingly to leave the EU (many people don’t seem to realise that ‘austerity’ is official policy of the neo-liberal EU).

An earlier post about the gilets jaunes: Gilets Jaunes Acte 26

A favourite protest spot for the gilets jaunes used to be roundabouts, all across France. They built encampments at the roundabouts in order to shelter from bad weather and warm themselves by a fire. In the week before last Christmas the police demolished most of these encampments. This was mostly done by military police, because many Gendarmes didn’t want to do it. There’s been many surreal moments during these protests. Here’s another one, which took place in the small town of Margencel in southeastern France, where the gilets jaunes danced to the strains of Piaf’s La foule, shortly before the police demolished their encampment…

Editing in: this is the Champs Élysées in Paris this evening, 21st September, in France, in the European Union in 2019…

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11 Responses to Gilets Jaunes – Acte 45

  1. Freddy says:

    Yellow vest protests: Dozens of arrests in Paris

    It does seem very brave of the Yellow Vest People to carry on with their mass protests in the face of such police brutality.
    But is it actually getting rid of your emperor Macron?

    • Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

      Freddy, at least the BBC did report something, even though it was terribly skewed.

      Today was Acte 45 of the gilets jaunes protests (that’s 45 straight weeks of protesting, in the face of incredible police violence). The climate change protestors were totally contrived and were put in there today in an attempt to marginalise and discredit the gilets jaunes (see my post). It’s exactly the same with the Extinction Rebellion stuff in the UK. These eco warriors are not real – when do they ever protest about the ongoing disaster at Fukushima, for example?

  2. Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

    Oh, and with regard to whether these protests are getting rid of Macron, the present French President, in normal times, would be toast, but we don’t live in normal times. The police state is being rapidly rolled out all across the western world. This is most apparent in America, and now France (oh, the irony!), and if my fellow Brits try similar protests they will also be met with extreme police violence, and extreme force of corrupt law.

    Watch the brief clips I’ve posted above if you want to know what a police state looks like.

    • Freddy says:

      Hi Rob, what I’d like to ask, is how is all this unquiet affecting the Economy of France.
      You can’t have 3/4 year rolling troubles with the cops en masse
      on the streets without denting the coffers.
      Where does the incredible amount of money come to uphold this fascist front?

  3. Rob Godfrey Rob Godfrey says:

    I’ll also add that the fact that so many so-called ‘alternate media’ web sites ban all links back to this blog might, perhaps, give some indication of who they really are.

  4. Freddy says:

    Car rams into mosque in France, driver arrested with stab wound.
    A car has slammed into a mosque in the eastern French city of Colmar. The driver has been detained by police after receiving a stab wound. It remains unclear whether the ramming was an attack or a suicide attempt.
    Colmar is quite close to Strasbourg, one of the worst terror places in France.

    • Freddy says:

      They are saying no need to worry, just another nutter.

      Prosecutor Catherine Sorita-Minard said the man had injured himself with a stabbing weapon. He had been taken to the hospital and had to undergo surgery. A psychiatrist will examine the man as soon as possible because he seems to suffer from mental health problems.

      • Freddy says:

        The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union on 31 October 2019.
        Get ready for Hard Brexit
        Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in France.

        Attacks could be indiscriminate. Due to ongoing threats to France by Islamist terrorist groups, and recent French military intervention against Daesh (formerly referred to as ISIL), the French government has warned the public to be extra vigilant and has reinforced its own domestic and overseas security measures. You should be vigilant in public places and follow the advice of local French authorities.

        There have been a number of high profile terrorist attacks since 2015 across France. On 13 November 2015 terrorist attacks killed 130 and injured hundreds more at multiple sites across Paris. On 14 July 2016, 84 people were killed when a truck was driven through a crowd of people on the promenade in Nice. On 3 February 2017, a knife attack inside the Louvre museum complex in Paris injured a French soldier. The attacker was arrested. On 6 June 2017, police shot a man after he attacked a police officer with a hammer outside the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. On 23 March 2018, a man carried out various attacks in the Carcassonne area of southern France, killing 4 people. The police shot and killed the attacker.

  5. Freddy says:

    latest thing in the U.K. is killing or attempting to kill on duty police officers.

    A driver has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after two police officers and another man were hit by a car in West Sussex.

    Police were carrying out a routine drugs check at the side of the A259 in Littlehampton at about 01:05 BST.

  6. Freddy says:

    France has struggled with high unemployment since the 2008

    So can you give us your view Rob, has the Yellow Vest stuff yet dented the Economy of France?

  7. Freddy says:

    Emperor Macron, who swept to power in 2017 with a pledge to get the country back on a solid financial footing, was caught short by the “yellow vest” movement which accused the former investment banker of ignoring the day-to-day struggles of many French people,
    otherwise known as The People.

    All still calm in Blighty Rob.

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