Where Did Brexit/The Towers Go?

The former UK prime minister Theresa May famously said more than 100 times in Parliament that the UK would be leaving the European Union (Brexit) on 29th March 2019. Of course it didn’t happen. May’s successor, Boris Johnson, has sworn that the UK will leave the EU on 31st October, and if it doesn’t happen Johnson has stated that he would rather be dead in a ditch. It’s all rollocks, of course, because today Johnson has said that he will ask for an extension to Article 50, meaning that the UK will stay in the EU for at least another 6 months. “You can check out, but you can never leave”.

The Orwellian nature of our present society here in the West stems largely from the events of 11th September 2001. We’ve just passed the 18th anniversary of 9/11; and talking of which, last month the University of Alaska (Fairbanks) published the results of a four year study which concludes that WTC 7 did not collapse as a result of office fires (office fires were the conclusion of the official investigation into the collapse of WTC 7). Of course the mainstream media have completely omitted all mention of this report by the University of Alaska. Sadly, many people still don’t realise that three giant skyscrapers collapsed on that day: as well as the twin towers, WTC 7, a 47 storey office block, collapsed in free fall at approx. 5.20pm on that fateful day. WTC 7 was not hit by any planes and suffered minimal damage from the collapse of the twin towers earlier in the day.

What’s also not widely known is that all seven buildings with the ‘WTC’ prefix were either completely demolished or suffered damage beyond repair on that day. There were many other buildings in close proximity, in a very crowded area of downtown Manhattan, and none of them suffered any major damage, despite all the mayhem that was going on around them.

This brings me onto Dr Judy Wood. For those not familiar with Dr Judy Wood, in my view she still gives one of the best theories about what actually happened on 9/11 (in truth, it will probably be a long time, if ever, before the world will really know what happened on that day). If you are familiar with Dr Judy Wood, the following podcast is still worth watching, because Wood addresses the incredible animosity directed at her from the 9/11 truth community, and also she addresses this latest report from the University of Alaska.

This is from Jason Liosatos’ Outside The Box podcast, published on YouTube on 19th September. Dr Judy Wood could be construed as being a tad eccentric, but what she says makes perfect sense. Also, the graphics in her presentation are not always great (you might want to try ‘full screen’ mode)…

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  1. Freddy says:

    Castener is under huge pressure as the French government is pressed to explain how Harpon’s radicalisation failed to raise Red Flags.

    On Tuesday, the minister appeared before a parliamentary committee, conceding there had been a “malfunction” in not reporting the signals.

    Analysts say Macron and his government want to show they are tackling Islamist extremism to prevent a drift of voters to the far right.

    Macron seems to be doing rather badly, nothing is going right for your Emperor.
    In a few weeks the United Kingdom will have left the disgusting E.U.
    then more troubles will be heaped on Macron.

  2. Freddy says:

    Frenchman nabbed in Glasgow

    Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes was arrested after arriving in Scotland on a flight from Paris.

    Mr. Dupont de Ligonnes has been wanted for murder in France since his family was discovered buried in the garden of their family home in Nantes.

    The 58-year-old was reportedly travelling under a false name.

    Police Scotland confirmed a man was in custody in connection with a European arrest warrant issued by the French authorities and said inquiries were ongoing to confirm his identity.

    This chap claims he is a secret agent for the Americans.

  3. Freddy says:

    So Rob, is it possible that your cathedral caught fire because of Islamic Terror?

    Two French members of an all-female Islamic terror group linked to ISIS have been sentenced to over 25 years in prison each for their failed attempt to blow up Notre Dame cathedral with a car packed full of gas cylinders.
    Inès Madani and Ornella Gilligmann received 30 and 25 years in prison, respectively, on Monday after a French court found them guilty of the September 4, 2016 plot to blow up Notre Dame which prosecutors claimed would have killed at least 60 people if it had been successful.

    Saturday is the down to the wire time for Boris with Halloween.

  4. Freddy says:

    A woman has gone on trial in Toulouse accused of murdering and dismembering a work colleague and dumping the body parts in a canal.

    Rob, I think everyone is fed up to the back teeth with Brexit, we are starting to lose the will to carry on.

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