Tokyo Rose strikes again

Following a rollocking by Michael Weiss in the Daily Telegraph earlier this week (see The BBC swallows Assad-controlled Syria media rubbish whole. Then reports it as news), the BBC have now started to take a harder line with their coverage of events in Syria. Reem Haddad, a spokesperson for the Syrian Information Ministry, whom I’ve spoken about a number of times over these last months (see here), no longer seems to give interviews to Al Jazeera. However, she did pop up today on a BBC News video, and it was a classic performance: lie after lie after lie. Tokyo Rose eat your heart out…

Syria refugees: ‘It’s like going to visit your mum’

Here’s the latest bulletin from Amnesty International…
UN urged to act following deadly weekend in Syria

And here’s a more gritty piece from Al Jazeera…
Love in a time of torture

And another piece from Al Jazeera about Syria…
Tortured and killed: Hamza al-Khateeb, age 13

I wonder if Reem Haddad has children?

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