Saudi Arabia and Iran – who are these tossers?

Last Friday a small group of women in Saudi Arabia protested by driving cars. Women, of course, are not allowed to drive cars in Saudi Arabia, by law. We’re told that Saudi Arabia is a very conservative place, and it has it’s customs and traditions and its own way of doing things. Right, so this has nothing to do with Saudi ‘men’ treating their women like shit.

Saudi Arabia women test driving ban

Meanwhile in Iran, the ‘supreme leader’, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (unelected, of course) has created a force of 70,000 called the ‘Moral Police’ who will enforce a crackdown against western-style anything. Khamenei claims to be God’s representative on earth and a defender of Islam (get the straitjacket out). Of course the Moral Police has nothing to do with recent widespread protests in Iran, when ordinary people had the temerity to ask to be able to chose their leaders, and the Moral Police are not about tightening the screws of repression.

Who are these tossers, without absolutely any mandate, who think they have the authority to tell their citizens how to think and act?!

They most definitely don’t belong in the 21st century. Their day will come, sometime soon.

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