CocoRosie – freak folk and Grey Oceans

The following is one of my favourite songs from last year…

Lemonade from the Grey Oceans album by CocoRosie, released in 2010. CocoRosie consist of two sisters, Bianca “Coco” and Sierra “Rosie” Casady who hail from the United States. CocoRosie formed in 2003 in Paris, after the sisters met for the first time in years. Their music is often described as a mix between freak folk, hip hop and experimentalism. This track from Grey Oceans is called Smokey Taboo

CocoRosie strike me as a symbiosis between Bjork, Grace Jones, Yoko Ono and Billy Holiday. And talking of Yoko Ono, this is what she said about the album: “Grey Oceans by CocoRosie shows us a sliver of a secret ocean of high waves we wish to be part of in our dreams. CocoRosie is the shower we need now in the musical desert. “God Has a Voice She Speaks Through Me” … What a line!” This next track is called The Moon Asked the Crow

Grey Oceans is the fourth album by CocoRosie. The previous three albums suffered from poor production, and, to be blunt, too many drugs (their second album, Noah’s Ark, was voted as having one of the worst album covers of all time). Grey Oceans is the first album to be professionally produced, and it shows. CocoRosie don’t try to cuddle up with the listener. They’re hardcore avant garde and don’t make things easy. I loved Lemonade the first time I heard it. The other tracks on Grey Oceans take a bit of getting into. Once you get your head around the weird and wonderful world of CocoRosie you’ll be well rewarded. This next track is called Trinity’s Crying

Grey Oceans will undoubtedly become a cult classic. The really interesting thing is going to be their next album. Watch this space. In the meantime, to really get the measure of CocoRosie you have to see them perform. Here’s Lemonade again, performed live on France 3 in May last year (spoilt somewhat by an arty French tv director who’d been hitting the vin rouge, but persevere)…

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