I Don’t Know Where To Start…

There’s so much going on in politics at the moment that I don’t know where to start. So, let’s go to that old refuge: the past.

A documentary about Top Of The Pops during 1982. Thatcher was in power, with the Falklands war about to kick off. Reagan was in power in the US, with WW3 about to kick-off. It was the start of the neo-con shitfest we now find ourselves in more than 30 years later…

(Note: the following year, 1983, the reality of the Cold War started seeping into pop music. See my post here.)

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Trump And Turf Wars

Peace appears to be breaking out on the Korean peninsular. This greatly displeases the psychopaths who rule us, and it’s perhaps why we’ve had all this nonsense:


Here’s a Wikileaks Tweet from a few days ago:

What’s being referenced here has hardly been mentioned at all in the mainstream media, a mainstream media that obsesses over Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s links with Russia, an investigation that’s been going on for more than a year now and is yet to find one shred of evidence. I’ll sound like the record’s stuck if I say yet again: have you ever seen an American president attacked in this manner? What Wikileaks are referring to is a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) memo that surfaced this week, a memo which shows that President Obama, in collusion with Hillary Clinton, used a FISA warrent to totally illegally spy on Donald Trump, both in the run-up to the presidential election and ever since Trump became president. This FISA memo has been shown to the House of Representatives, and most of them are up in arms about it, saying that both Obama and Clinton have committed a major crime and should be put on trial for it. Read all about it in the mainstream media – not. The story was originally covered by Sara Carter, a respected journalist, in a piece titled A Bombshell House Intelligence report exposing extensive FISA abuse could lead to the removal of senior government officials. A large number of Representatives are now calling for this FISA memo to be made public. If that happens, shit could well hit the fan. Incidentally, under the Five Eyes spying agreement the surveillance on Donald Trump is being carried out by GCHQ, in the UK. What a tangled web we weave.

I’ll sound like the record’s stuck again when I say that I’m no fan of Trump. In my view he’s just as corrupt as the rest of them. I see what’s going on at the moment as a Mafioso turf war. It’s unprecedented in the sense that now they don’t even bother trying to hide it from the public, but these criminals are given a free ride by the MSM. Fox News are the only mainstream outfit who are giving this any kind of coverage…

Editing in: here’s Glenn Greenwald’s take on all this.

Editing in, again: GOP congressman reveals House Intel Committee will release top secret FISA memo to public

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All the world’s a stage

If you’ve seen my previous post you’ll know that I’m of the opinion that Trump was installed as President by the deep state. They put the Donald in as a foil to the rising public anger in the United States, anger directed at massive corruption and inequality. Former president Jimmy Carter, on the otherhand, believes that Trump became president as a result of the genuine will of the people, and not as a result of the deep state pulling the strings. Here’s Carter talking about it in May of last year…

Although Carter acknowledges the massive corruption and public dissatisfaction he appears to believe that Trump is genuine. I think that to show that Trump is in fact a deep state puppet all you have to do is look at the Q Anon phenomenon. Q started posting cryptic messages on the 4chan board last October. Since then Q has almost turned into a cult, with the followers fervently believing that Q represents President Trump (many believe that Q is President Trump), and that they’re draining the swamp behind the scenes, where there is an almighty battle going on between the ‘white hats’ and the ‘black hats’, the good guys and the bad guys, and Trump’s contradictory behavior towards this notion is because he’s playing 4d chess. If this all sounds like conspiracy-theory-Land I should add that there are some startling things about Q, which is why so many people fervently believe in the phenomenon. For starters, Q predicted the purge in Saudi Arabia, a purge that caught the whole world by surprise. Q also predicted an incident with a helicopter at a Rothschild estate in the UK two days before it happened. He predicted a terrorist attack by a Bangladeshi national in New York the day before it happened. He has posted original photographs taken from Air Force One, and the timestamps and flight paths match the President’s recent trip to Asia. He has posted key phrases that the President has used later on Twitter. (you can find an FAQ about Q here)

Things are so crazy thesedays that it’s often hard to draw conclusions, but what you can say about all this, with almost certainty, is that Q is a high level insider with a direct connection to President Trump. The Q phenomenon is known as CBTS (Calm Before The Storm) and is pure theatre, backed up by a coterie of YouTubers who will remain nameless, most of whom have only appeared on YouTube in the last year but apparently have tens of thousands of subscribers. CBTS has all the hallmarks of a psy-op. You only have to look at the thrust of what Q is saying to draw this conclusion. Q frequently mentions North Korea in his posts (Q claims that North Korea is a CIA base, and of course the evil CIA need to be taken out). Q also frequently uses the term ‘Patriots’ and the phrase ‘You are the calm before and during the storm’, and if you read through the posts what’s clearly being pushed is martial law, while they ‘drain the swamp’. Q has also said that the internet will be taken out during the ‘transition period’.

If you wanted to stifle rising anger, and completely bamboozle the public, you’d come up with something like Q and CBTS. President Trump’s almost certain close connection to Q is what makes me believe that Trump is a deep state puppet. It’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out over the coming months; and as I said in my previous post, it looks like Hillary Clinton & Co are going to be thrown to the wolves in order to reinforce the Q Anon psy-op.

I know, you really couldn’t make this stuff up, could you…

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Hillary’s going down (but not on Bill)

As if things could not get anymore bizarre at the moment, the spawn of Hillary and Bill, Chelsea Clinton, has tweeted the Church of Satan wishing them a happy new year. Chelsea Clinton is also said to wear an upside down cross around her neck. Read into all this what you will, particularly the link I’ve just given, which is to a Guardian piece that tries to portray Satanism as being cool and trendy; and of course the piece makes no mention of Pizzagate (which purportedly involves the rape and murder of children) or the Stygian corruption that surrounds the Clintons, particularly Hillary. Which brings me on to the present incumbent of the Oval Office…

The above is part of a Trump Tweet storm last weekend, in reaction to a just published book by Michael Wolff, a book which amongst other things portrays President Trump as being childlike and mentally unstable. This book is just the latest in a continuing vicious assault on Trump. Never in the history of the United States has a sitting president been attacked in this way. This begs the question: why are the deep state going after Trump? after all, there have been equally awful presidents in the past, and Trump seems to have done everything that the deep state requires. At this point I need hardly add that I’m not a fan of Donald Trump. I’ll also say that I don’t think he became President by accident. Politics in America is totally corrupt and controlled (it’s much the same in the UK). Nothing happens without design. If that were not so Bernie Sanders would now be President, although Sanders would have been equally controlled.

In the Trump Tweet I’ve featured above he’s revived his ‘crooked Hillary’ mantra. This is no doubt because Trump has just ordered another investigation into the Clinton Foundation. There’s so much dirt on Hillary Clinton, including totally heinous things like child sex trafficking, that even corrupt FBI officials will have a hard time finding no evidence. I think that this new investigation will result in Hillary, and others connected to the Clinton Foundation, having criminal charges laid against them; but how does this fit in with a totally corrupt and controlled political system, of which the Clintons are a part? Well, in 2008 a smooth talking Obama, Mr Hopey Changey, seemingly came out of nowhere to take the presidency. After 8 years of the ‘first black American President’ nothing has changed, in fact it’s got much, much worse for the 99%. The result is this:

Huge Human Inequality Study Hints Revolution is in Store for U.S.

The plebs are revolting, and to appease them we get a ‘character’ like Donald Trump installed as President, with his promise to “drain the swamp”. The unprecedented deep state attacks on Trump reinforce this notion. Perhaps Hillary & Co are being thrown to the wolves in order to keep up the illusion, and keep the deep state in power?

Editing in: Dick Morris is a political author and commentator who previously worked as a pollster, political campaign consultant and general political consultant. Morris used to be a Democrat who was very close to the Clintons. He’s now a Republican and is more to the right than Trump. Morris has recently started a YouTube channel. This video about Hillary’s imminent arrest is from a few days ago…

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Locks and Keys

Quite by chance, today I came across a band called ‘Locks’ and their just released latest single, which is called Skin. Locks consist of L.Geary-Griffin (lead vocal / guitar), Mike Byrne (double bass), Marian McClenagan (fiddle) and Andy Marvell on drums…

Locks put themselves in the genre of “Skeletal blues” and they say their influences are Tom Waits, Nick Cave, gin and life. Locks are an unsigned band, although they might not remain unsigned for much longer because Skin has recently been heavily featured on Steve Lamacq’s show on BBC Radio 6 Music. This next track is called The Gin Song and it’s from an EP called ‘Rattle Them Bones’ which they released a few years ago…
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A Surreal Christmas and Security

I got back from a trip to the UK yesterday afternoon. It was the first time I’ve been back to the UK in ten years. I originally planned to spend a week there, over Christmas. but my younger sister, who I was staying with, asked me to stay another week and I thought why not. Now, I rarely if ever get personal on this blog, which is a pity because when it comes to my family you really couldn’t make it up. I’ll just say that I’ve always had an uneasy relationship with my father and more than a decade ago we had a major falling out. We’ve had no contact since then, except six months ago when we had an exchange of letters and agreed to a reconciliation (my father is getting quite old now). Even so, it was still very surreal sitting down to Christmas dinner with my father, my mother and my younger sister. Likewise with the pub meal we had on New Year’s Day, when we were joined by my older sister. It was the first time in about 25 years that all the family had sat down and had a meal together. Before the New Year’s meal I visited a good friend of mine who I haven’t seen for years. He’s a bit of a cosmic character and we used to be neighbours, living in caravans. Incidentally, and never one to miss the opportunity of plugging a book, all this past stuff is related in my third memoir, The Iberian Job.

As I drove away from the small town where my family live, heading back to France, I suddenly felt incredibly tired. I suppose it was the emotional strain of it all catching up with me. I got down to Portsmouth at 8pm, where Brittany Ferries awaited with their overnight sailing to Caen. Storm Eleanor was raging and the quayside at Portsmouth resembled the opening scenes from the Wizard Of Oz. As an old sea dog I wasn’t too worried about the weather, although Brittany Ferries had to cancel two of their other sailings that day due to the storm. At this point this blog post becomes a bit of a mishmash, from the personal to the political, because as we were being loaded onto the ferry there were no passport control or security checks on that Portsmouth quayside. By contrast, when we came over from France we used the Le Harve to Portsmouth route and at Le Harve it took ages to be loaded onto the ferry. The jovial passport control guy said that his boss had told him to give all British passport holders a hard time, because of Brexit. At the security checkpoint an armed soldier searched everyone’s vehicle, but it was only a cursory search; no doubt looking for illegal immigrants rather than anything ISIS might be up to.

Getting back to that stormy night in Portsmouth two days ago, where there were no passport or security checks, when we drove on to the ferry car deck, on each side of the deck, spaced at about 20 feet apart, were loads of French soldiers carrying sub-machine guns and eyeing us passengers suspiciously. This made most of the passengers nervous, myself included: what the feck was going on?! Well, I’d say it’s all part of the encroaching police state, which at the moment is more noticeable in France than in Britain (in France the state of emergency has now been written permanently into law, despite massive protests against it). Another aspect of the encroaching police state is the increasing censorship of free speech, both in France and in Britain. The psychopaths who rule us are using salami tactics, building the cage bit by bit, thinking that we won’t notice.

It’s almost as surreal to watch the emerging police state as it was to spend Christmas with my family in the UK.

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A Merry Christmas to one and all

I’m going to be away during the Christmas holiday. I will probably be back at base, and blogging again, shortly before New Year’s Eve.

In the meantime here’s an oldie but goldie…

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Oumuamua – first contact?

On the 19th of October, astronomers at the University of Hawaii detected a new object in the night time sky. At first the object was believed to be a comet, but as more observations were made it was determined to be an asteroid and some extraordinary things came to light. Firstly the asteroid was traveling at a very high speed, and it was approaching from way above the usual orbit of our solar system. This could only mean one thing: the asteroid had come from outside our solar system, making it the first ever detected interstellar asteroid. The second weird thing about it was its shape, which wasn’t the usual roughly spherical asteroid. This asteroid was shaped like a cigar, about 400 metres long by 40 metres wide. The third weird thing about the asteroid was its high rate of spin, which given its shape would mean that it’s made of incredibly tough material, otherwise the high spin rate would cause it to disintegrate. The asteroid was named ‘Oumuamua’, which is the Hawaiian expression for “messenger from afar”, and it became the first designated interstellar asteroid in the history of human science. In light of all this I’m surprised that Oumuamua hasn’t received more press coverage.

The gravitational pull of the Sun caused Oumuamua to speed up and it made its closest approach to the Sun (known as perihelion) on 9th September. It made a partial orbit of the Sun and is now whipping away out of the Solar System at an incredible speed, and at an angle of 66° from the direction of its approach. It will take many thousands of years before Oumuamua reaches interstellar space again, and there’s talk of sending a rocket after it so that close observations can be made. However, the high speed of Oumuamua means that its chaser would have to be the fastest rocket ever built; so don’t hold your breathe on that one. Tomorrow, though, the Green Bank telescope in West Virginia, which is one of the largest telescopes in the world, will start listening for radio signals being broadcast from Oumuamua. If Oumuamua is the product of beings from another galaxy, beings capable of traveling interstellar distances, it seems highly unlikely they would use something as antiquated as radio waves, so we’ll probably never know if Oumuamua is a natural object or an alien technology.

One thing in all this, though, has been puzzling me: there’s consensus among the scientists that Oumuamua’s high velocity and rate of spin means that it can’t be captured by the Sun’s gravity, so why didn’t it by-pass the Sun? (I should add at this point that I’m no expert on astronomy) What Oumuamua did is a text book example of how space vessels use the gravity of large celestial bodies to greatly increase speed, and then shoot off in whatever direction they want to go. When Oumuamua was first detected in October its speed was 58,900 mph (which is way faster than any Solar asteroid). After its slingshot around the Sun in September Oumuamua’s speed had greatly increased to 196,200 mph.

If Oumuamua is a natural object, a natural object with a velocity and spin that allows it to escape the Sun’s gravitational pull, why was it heading for the Sun? The odds on this happening naturally are absolutely astronomical (if you’ll forgive the pun); or maybe Oumuamua was deliberately aimed at the sun. If this all sounds crazy to you it should be noted that just as Oumuamua was reaching perihelion there was an absolutely massive X solar flare. Was this another coincidence? or was Oumuamua taking on fuel..?

Editing in: an initial scan by the Green Bank telescope has detected no signs of life with regard to Oumuamua.

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It’s Enough To Make You Cry

I think all our society is run by insane people for insane objectives… I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal means. If anybody can put on paper what our government and the American government and the Russian… Chinese… what they are actually trying to do, and what they think they’re doing, I’d be very pleased to know what they think they’re doing. I think they’re all insane. But I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.

John Lennon in a 1968 interview

To begin with, the 2007/2008 economic crash was blamed on the poor and disadvantaged. There were a plethora of tv programmes showing fat and lazy people living on huge amounts of social security. It’s the welfare scroungers, innit! As more and more people became poor and disadvantaged the emphasis shifted towards blaming immigrants. This was neatly tied into Islamic terrorism. The immigration issue is shamelessly used by politicians of all stripes to deflect attention away from the economic crash, a crash which was caused by a bunch of spivs and barrow boys in Wall Street and the City of London. These spivs and barrow boys have never been held to account for their crimes, because they own most of the politicians. Instead, the banksters get bailed-out and the plebs get spoon-fed ‘austerity’ and are told about the ‘recovery’.

Nye Bevin once famously described the Tories as being “lower than vermin”, because of their callous disregard of the poor and disadvantaged. Bevin said those words at a party rally in 1948. Almost 70 years later not much has changed. Last Tuesday there was an extraordinary exchange in the House of Commons between Labour MP Frank Field and Tory MP Heidi Allen. In all my years I’ve never seen anything quite like it in Parliament…

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Two Birds With One Stone

Today is the 76th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour; and talking of ships, I was intrigued to discover that the USS Reagan has been sent to Korean waters. Built in the 1990s at a cost of $4.5 billion, the USS Reagan aircraft carrier is one of the largest warships in the world. In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in 2011, the USS Ronald Reagan and its carrier taskforce of 12 warships took part in a humanitarian relief effort called Operation ‘Tomadachi’ (‘Friendship’). By funny coincidence the USS Reagan taskforce found itself right off the coast of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, shortly after the reactors and fuel pools were blowing up and melting down. The sailors on these US warships (some 12,000 in total) received huge doses of radiation, and many of them are now sick and dying. By law, the sailors can’t sue the US Navy (if you join the military you are not allowed to sue the military), and the US Navy completely denies that radiation has anything to do with the sailors’ illnesses, and refuses to offer them any help whatsoever, and so the lawsuit is being filed against the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), which operates the Fukushima plant (if interested you can find the latest on this lawsuit here).

After spending 80 days trying to dodge highly radioactive plumes, the USS Reagan left the coastal waters of Japan, because the Japanese refused to allow it into port because the ship was too radioactive. South Korea and Guam also refused to allow the USS Reagan into port, for the same reason. After a brief return to her home port of San Diego, the USS Reagan spent just over a year at a dockyard in Washington state, where they tried to decontaminate the ship. How successful this was is a matter of debate (you can find details about how difficult it is to decontaminate ships here), yet it’s notable that after a brief return to San Diego the USS Reagan was deployed to Yokosuka, Japan, to be permanently stationed there. In early September of this year the USS Reagan departed Yokosuka to conduct patrols off Korea after the North Korean missile launch over Japan and nuclear test. The USS Reagan apparently returned to Yokosuka on 4th December.

I’m going into a lot of detail about the USS Reagan because there’s a real risk of war on the Korean peninsular, and the USS Reagan might play a key part in it. Here’s some of the latest madness:

North Korea says U.S. threats make war unavoidable as China urges calm

‘The threat is very real’: Millions in Tokyo to take part in North Korean nuclear attack exercise

Chinese Newspaper Near North Korea Offers Advice on Surviving Nuclear Attack

Trump & Co seem hellbent on starting a war with North Korea, but in order to bamboozle the public into going along with it they are going to need a massive false flag event. What would be better than if North Korea ‘attacked’ and sank the USS Reagan. The psychos in Washington would get their war, and in the process that would get rid of a highly irradiated ship that’s no longer fit for purpose. This is all pure speculation, of course, but the way things are thesedays anything could happen.

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Malcolm X and self defense

Yesterday, Trump’s national security adviser, HR McMaster, said that North Korea is “the greatest immediate threat to the United States. I think it’s increasing every day, which means that we are in a race, really, we are in a race to be able to solve this problem” (here). This comes as RT is reporting that “North Korea is ready to sit at the negotiating table for peace talks if it is recognized as a nuclear power, the Russian delegation to Pyongyang said, adding that the North claims that it was forced to be aggressive and will not stop its nuclear program”. Meanwhile tomorrow, Monday, the US and South Korea are going to begin a week of massive military exercises in and around the Korean peninsular; which is a bit like lighting a match in a room flooded with petrol. Both Russia and China have asked the US to postpone these military exercises, but the US has refused to do so. Will the psychos in Washington start a war with North Korea? Tune in this time next week to find out.

Exactly 53 years ago today, Malcolm X took part in an Oxford Union Debate, in the UK. To his admirers, Malcolm X was a courageous advocate for the rights of blacks, a man who indicted white America in the harshest terms for its crimes against black Americans; whilst detractors accused him of preaching racism and violence. The motion for the OU Debate was “Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice; Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue” (I should add that I don’t agree with the stance that repression should be resisted by violent means). Here’s an excerpt from the speech that Malcolm X gave on December 3rd 1964…

If interested, the complete Oxford Union debate can be found here. The debate starts 17 minutes into the audio.

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One million tons of nuclear water

Yesterday North Korea carried out another missile test, and stated that it was new type of intercontinental ballistic missile that can strike anywhere on the US mainland, as it declared itself a “complete” nuclear state. President Trump’s response was: “We will take care of it … it is a situation that we will handle”; and talking of all things nuclear, there’s a wonderful irony to this…

The first solar project in the Chernobyl zone is expected to be commissioned next month, a step forward in the developers’ plan to invest 100 million euros ($119 million) and build renewables in the radioactive exclusion zone.


It’s a funny old world, ay; but perhaps not so funny if you live in the Marshall Islands, in the south Pacific, where the Americans used to test lots of lovely nuclear bombs…

A nuclear waste dump in the Pacific is leaking radioactive material – and it’s going straight into the ocean.

According to a report from ABC News, Runit Island – the site of the largest nuclear clean-up in US history – is being hit hard by rising oceans, caused by climate change.

The island features a massive concrete dome, concealing 85,000 cubic metres of radioactive waste.

The people of Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands are the ones left to deal with the problem. Radioactive contamination means they have had to move away from a traditional diet of fish and coconut, to processed American foods, ABC reported.

“To me, it’s like this big monument to America’s giant f… up,” said Jack Niedenthal, who has spent decades helpingthe locals of the Marshall Islands’ Bikini Atoll fight for compensation.

“This could cause some really big problems for the rest of mankind if all that goes underwater, because it’s plutonium and cement,” he told ABC.


This brings me onto the ongoing horror story that is Fukushima…

Japan is poised to flood the Pacific with one million tons of nuclear water contaminated by the Fukushima power plant. The Japanese government is being urged by experts to gradually release radioactive water in to the Pacific Ocean… The water is stored on site in around 900 large and densely packed tanks and could spill should another major disaster strike. The government has been urged to release the water into the ocean… Local fishermen are extremely hesitant to this solution… Fumio Haga, a drag-net fisherman, said: ‘People would shun Fukushima fish again as soon as the water is released.


What hardly ever gets mentioned is that Fukushima is located on a river bed. They diverted the river when the plant was built. Nevertheless, one thousand tons of ground water still flows beneath the plant everyday (and becomes radioactive), and this ground water goes out into the Pacific Ocean.

With quite astounding hubris, Homo sapiens means ‘wise men’. Modern day humans are actually now scientifically labelled as Homo sapiens sapiens, ‘wise, wise men’…

“I have just returned from visiting my friend, who is a senior cetacean biologist at one of the large west coast universities. While there, he described an amazing situation to me that has alarmed me greatly. He said that research at his university has conclusively identified the complete or almost complete collapse of several dozen food chains within the Pacific Ocean, all within the last 36 months or so.

Further, in “unauthorized” exchanges with the relevant departments in other coast universities, he learned that the numbers involved may well be more like hundreds of chain collapses in the same timeframe as opposed to dozens. Finally, in talking with authoritative figures in Vancouver, they apparently believe that the figure is likely closer to 1000.”

“As bad as all of this sounds, here is the real rub. Regarding these findings about food chain collapses, mutations, and injuries, my friend’s university has instituted a policy that forbids them from publishing their findings, from discussing their findings (on this subject) publicly or in private with other researchers outside their own campus, or finally from taking “unauthorized” radiation readings as part of their research. The penalties for violating these new rules are severe: loss of tenure, civil lawsuits for violation of contract, and potentially employment termination.”


Editing in: the above link seems to have been removed by the psychopaths who run our world. When I made this post, which was about 6 hours ago, the link was still working. The link was from a web site of a computer club on the west coast of Canada. I’ve been unable to find the original web page capture on archive sites, but I have been able to whack up the Google cache…


Archive everything at the likes of http://archive.is/ because we now live in a totally Orwellian world.

And the aforementioned psychopaths are all going to be put on trial…

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Who is Q Anon..?

In my opinion Q Anon is a psy-op, and a massive one at that. This is all very worrying, but I’ll get onto that in a bit. First, for those unfamiliar with all this, some background: On 28th October someone calling themself ‘Q’ started a thread on the message board 4chan/pol/ called CBTS (Calm Before The Storm). Q claimed that President Trump was being protected by the military and was about to ‘drain the swamp’. Q’s posts were very cryptic and intriguing and more often than not were posed as a series of questions, questions that gave the strong impression of a government insider. Hence, it’s taken that this person’s handle comes from Q clearance, someone who has complete access to all levels of top secret information. Q Anon soon went viral on the internet and even started appearing in the mainstream media.

At the time of writing, Q’s last posts were yesterday, Friday…

Expand further.
Make the connection.
Map currently has 43 confirmed connections.
Important to understand.
When this breaks many won’t swallow.
MSM not trusted.
You are the voice.
We are here to help guide.
Future proves past.
You are the calm before and during the storm.

Q’s final post yesterday contained just this photo…


In the centre of the photo is Kim Jong-il, the former North Korean leader, surrounded by the likes of Bill Clinton, John Podesta, and many others mired in scandal and corruption. Behind them all is a large picture of a wave that is about to crash. Q frequently mentions North Korea in his posts. Q also frequently uses the term ‘Patriots’ and the phrase ‘You are the calm before and during the storm’, and if you read through the posts what’s clearly being pushed is martial law, while they ‘drain the swamp’. Q has also said that the internet will be taken out during the ‘transition period’. (if interested you can find all of Q’s posts here, starting with the newest ones first).

I’ve previously opined that Trump & Co are mad enough to start a war with China, in order to try and save the rapidly sinking petrodollar and US hegemony. If Trump & Co are going to attack North Korea (as seems likely from Q’s posts), and thus start a war with China, they’re going to need a mega false flag event, in order to bamboozle the public into going along with it; and even then, while prosecuting the war, they’re going to need martial law to keep the lid on public protests.

It’s Thanksgiving in America at the moment, and for the second time just recently I find myself saying “let’s hope it’s a quiet weekend”; and we have the Christmas holiday rapidly approaching.

Editing in: whilst previewing this piece before posting I experienced all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff with the formatting. I finally figured out that the problems stemmed from another of Q’s final posts from yesterday which I tried to include here, so here’s a link to it instead…


(Note: Q often makes posts like the one above, as though he is secretly communicating with other agents who are helping to ‘drain the swamp’. The weird code in Q’s post is what was causing me formatting problems on this board. Go figure…)

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One Chord Wonders

Today UK Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his autumn 2017 budget speech. My reaction..? a song from back in the days when things were still real: this track is called One Chord Wonders, released in 1977, and the band are ‘The Adverts’, who were heavily inspired by ‘The Sex Pistols’. ‘The Adverts’ can barely play their instruments, but despite this One Chord Wonders perfectly captures the essence of UK punk rock during its early years…

One Chord Wonders is one of my top five UK punk rock songs, all of which are featured in a post I made on New Year’s Eve 2011, at the same time that President Obama was signing the NDAA 2012 into law, a historical and truly terrifying moment when American citizens had their liberty removed.

As usual, I only wish I was making all this stuff up.

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Follow the White Rabbit

Yesterday the UK Metro newspaper did a hit job on the Pizzagate brigade. The piece opens with this:

We’re living in a golden age of conspiracy theories, with America now led by a man who was a big fan of the Barack Obama ‘birther’ conspiracy.

But even so, a new one which is doing the rounds on 4Chan and Twitter is so breathtakingly bonkers it really is an eye-opener as to what people will believe in the age of ‘fake news’.

Ready? Hillary Clinton and John McCain are already wearing electronic tags, and President Trump is about to arrest hundreds of ‘elite paedophiles’ who have been drugging and raping children.


‘Pizzagate’ started last year in the months leading up to the US presidential election, when Wikileaks began releasing the DNC e-mails and then the Podesta e-mails. These e-mails showed beyond any doubt that Hillary Clinton & Co are totally corrupt. No one questioned the veracity of these leaked e-mails (for instance, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chair of the Democratic National Committee, resigned as a result of the corruption that was revealed). As well as corruption, the e-mails provided strong circumstantial evidence of child sex abuse taking place at the highest levels in Washington DC. You can find a very authorative account of the birth of Pizzagate here. It’s quite a long read, but worth it if you think the likes of me are crazy conspiracy theorists.

Incidentally, and still on the subject of conspiracy theory, I’m still strongly of the opinion that Julian Assange and Wikileaks were taken out in mid October last year, just as they were about to release more Podesta e-mails (there were no further e-mails from this point). If interested you can find a timeline of events here.

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