Radioactive Boars

In the five years following March 2011 I made a large number of blog posts about the Fukushima disaster, which I then went on to publish as an e-book. Since publishing the book I’ve made barely any blog posts about the disaster. I call it ‘Fukushima fatigue’. This doesn’t detract from the fact that now – getting on for seven years down the line – in Japan there are still three full-size commercial nuclear reactors in complete and ongoing meltdown. No one even knows where the melted cores are, because the insanely high radiation levels destroy both humans and robots.

Last month in Sweden a wild boar with radiation levels more than ten times the safe limit was shot dead. This, more than 30 years after the Chernobyl disaster. Unit No.4 at Chernobyl suffered a partial meltdown and the disaster was contained within two weeks (with a tremendous sacrifice of human life). Unit No.4 was one third the size of each of the three reactors at Fukushima, where radiation continues to spew into the environment 24/7 (in a previous post I covered the health effects of this). The death of the Pacific Ocean continues unabated, an ocean which one third of the human race relies on for food. A recent study by the University of Hawaii found that almost half of the fish tested in waters around the islands contained high levels of Fukushima radiation; although this hasn’t stopped the European Union from announcing at the weekend that it’s lifting its ban on certain foodstuffs from Japan. Another recent study by the University of Hawaii shows that soil on the islands has been hit with a massive amount of Fukushima fallout, up to 200 times more than was expected.

Depressing, innit.

I feel that Fukushima fatigue coming over me again…

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Saudi Shenanigans

The purge in Saudi Arabia last weekend was quite breathtaking. Eleven princes, four ministers and dozens of former ministers were arrested for ‘corruption’. The arrests were decreed by the monarch, King Salman, and carried out by his powerful son and heir, Mohammed bin Salman. The purge is a complete power grab by the Salman branch of the royal family. Shortly before last weekend’s events in Saudi Arabia, President Trump tweeted this:

The Donald is referring to the state oil giant Saudi Aramco, 5% of which is being put up as an initial public offering (IPO). Aramco is the world’s biggest oil producer and is believed to be worth around 2 trillion dollars, making the IPO worth around 100 billion dollars. That’s a huge amount of money and power and the likes of London and New York are falling over themselves to try to host the Aramco IPO (and the usual corruption is going on). The spin is that Saudi Arabia are flogging off 5% of Aramco to fund a plan to diversify the Saudi economy, but the reality is more likely that the ongoing war in Yemen and the recent low price of oil has hit the Saudi elite where in hurts. The US and Saudi Arabia are joined at the hip by the petrodollar, and this low price of oil has been engineered by the US to damage the economies of countries like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela; but it’s also damaging Saudi Arabia.

One notable thing about last weekend’s purge is that many of those who were arrested have deep and powerful ties to Washington and Wall Street (and as an aside, King Salman & Co are confiscating all the assets of those who were arrested, which are worth hundreds of billions of dollars). Also of note is that China recently offered to directly buy the 5% of Aramco, an offer that’s making London and New York very nervous. To add to the fun and games, in the next month or so the Shanghai International Energy Exchange will open for business, in which countries will be able to trade oil in the Chinese yuan currency, which is backed by gold. China is the world’s biggest importer of Saudi oil and will soon be paying for it with petro-yuan.

The ever increasing cracks in the American Empire:- is last weekend’s purge an indication that Saudi Arabia is going to completely abandon the petrodollar in favour of the petro-yuan? Another indication of this shift is the ailing King Salman’s unprecedented recent visit to Russia, a country which will also be trading in petro-yuan.

It will be interesting to see how things pan out over these coming months.

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Swiss Cheese

More than a month after the Las Vegas mass shooting, which was the worse mass shooting in modern American history, we still know next to nothing about what actually happened. In fact, due to all the speculation there’s now an almost complete media blackout regarding the event. Instead we’ve had wall to wall coverage of sexual harassment in the show biz world, and more latterly sexual harassment in UK politics (none of which is ‘news’; it’s been known about for a long time). Don’t you just love the presstitutes! Despite the news blackout, to the best of my knowledge there are now at least three lawsuits, filed by victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting, against MGM, the owners of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. This one alleges that the hotel was “negligent or grossly negligent” in failing to notice or take precautions against the shooter stockpiling guns in his room, and that employees were not adequately trained to notice and report suspicious activity. This one has ordered MGM to preserve all evidence in its possession related to the mass shooting. As if that’s not bizarre enough, in the last month more than five people who were witnesses to the shooting have died, most of them in mysterious circumstances. Then there’s Jesus Campos, the security guard who was shot in the leg by gunman Stephen Paddock. Campos was booked to give interviews to many of the major news networks, but then suddenly disappeared, only to reappear two weeks later on the Ellen DeGeneres show, with many commentators saying that the guy who was interviewed was not the same person. To add to the morass, the Daily Mail, et al, have even tried to link the Las Vegas shooting to ISIS, although even the Daily Mail can’t take this one seriously; but credit where credit is due: Tucker Carlson, on Fox News, has been the only one of the presstitutes to address all this madness. Perhaps Tucker will soon be added to the list of people who have died in mysterious circumstances?

In my opinion one good thing about the Las Vegas mass shooting is that it’s woken-up many people to the reality of the world they live in. This one’s got so many holes in it that it’s like Swiss cheese. Naw, our glorious leaders and the media wouldn’t lie to us, would they…

The Daily Mail article referred to in the above video can be found here.

The complete UK Column programme can be found here (the above clip starts at approx. 18 minutes into the programme).

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What a bunch of brave cockroaches these people are…

And the likes of me get banned everywhere.

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Remember, remember, the 5th of November

Gawd, as usual thesedays where do I start..? I know, I’ll start with a nebulous organisation called ISIS: last week a former senior Qatari official admitted in an interview that his country knowingly armed terrorists in Syria and did so with the help and oversight of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States (the interview has since gone viral on Arabic social media). Of course, with the ongoing spate between Qatar and the other Gulf states this statement about ISIS et al could be doubted. However, there’s plenty of other evidence which shows that ISIS is a creation of the western intelligence agencies.

ISIS terror attacks in the West continue to escalate. Some of these attacks have a very theatrical air about them, such as the Paris attacks in November 2015, which took place on Friday the 13th and involved the Bataclan Theatre and a band that most people had never heard of called the ‘Eagles of Death Metal’. Also in France, the Nice lorry attack took place on Bastille Day 2016. This week’s attack in Manhattan took place on Halloween. The timing of just about all of these ‘terror attacks’, and the circumstances around them, are far removed from what real Islamist terrorists would do (and I should stress that I’m not saying that people weren’t killed in these attacks). There’s also incredible numerical coincidences that run through many of these attacks which I’ve outlined in a previous post.

This brings me on to this coming weekend, when:


Antifa (Anti-fascist) are funded by George Soros and claim to be left wing. The Antifa ‘uprising’, which begins on Saturday 4th November, has been heavily featured by both the mainstream media (see this post) and the alternate media. This week Antifa have apparently even taken out a full page advert in the New York Times promoting November 4th. To add to the mix, November 4th is also the start of a three day training exercise being carried out by the US Department of Defense. The exercise will simulate what will happen if a massive solar storm brings down communication systems and energy grids across America. Now, by funny coincidence there’s been a lot of media speculation recently about a North Korean electromagnetic pulse (EMP – from a nuclear bomb) attack on America, which would cause the same devastating affects as a massive solar storm. Lastly, on Sunday, President Trump will embark on his first trip to Asia, visiting Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The Antifa ‘uprising’, the Department of Defense training exercise, President Trump leaving the country, the 5th of November stuff, for me it all has a somewhat theatrical air to it, like a Hollywood script. Is something going to happen this weekend..? Who knows. In the totally corrupt hall of mirrors that is the modern western world it’s very hard to figure out what’s really going on. For example, Antifa have been linked to ISIS. Yup, that’s how mad things have become: one phony organisation linked to another phony organisation.

Let’s hope it’s a quiet weekend.

The image is taken from this very good OffGuardian piece.

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Lunatics and Liars

People like a certain former British ambassador’s take on the New York terror attack this week seriously degrades the narrative despite the fact that it comes on top of the ‘Las Vegas attack’ at the start of October, an attack that has so many holes in it, and seems so blatantly to be a (botched) false flag that it has now been completely blacked-out from the mainstream media. This in itself is of note, but I could go on and on with all this, but to be quite frank it bores me. If you want an example of the madness/propaganda at the moment you could check out this piece in the Guardian today (the comments are interesting). Also this demolition by Offguardian of a similar piece.

With regard to the lunatics and liars, it looks like it might all kick off this weekend, but more about that tomorrow.

The point of this post is to try and show the complete lunatics and liars we are now faced with, lunatics and liars who seem compelled to take us into another world war.

I make no apology for using the term ‘lunatics and liars’ numerous times.

You have to know your enemy.

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Catalonia – the Russians did it

According to this editorial in the Washington Post:

… the Catalan nationalists’ only backers are separatist-ruled Scotland, the pariah government of Venezuela and Russia’s intelligence and propaganda apparatus, which mobilized its media outlets and social media bots in support of the separatists. Moscow evidently perceives the Catalan movement as another vehicle for dividing and weakening the democratic West.

Actually, aside from the Dr Strangelove paranoia in this editorial, the Russian stuff might not be so far off the mark. Catalonia is a wealthy region, accounting for some 20% of Spain’s GDP and about one third of its exports. The sanctions tit for tat with Russia over the last three years or so has harmed the EU far more than it’s harmed Russia. Italy, Hungary, Greece, France, Cyprus and Slovakia are among the EU states most skeptical about the sanctions, and although Russian direct investment in Spain is not that high (around $50-60 million per year), Catalonia is the main beneficiary of this trade; that is, before Russia introduced an embargo on agricultural products from the European Union. Catalonia had signed many commercial agreements with various Russian regions, including Lipetsk, Samara, Novosibirsk and Moscow, where Catalonia has recently opened a trade office, despite the sanctions.

If Catalonia does achieve independence it would no longer be in the EU, and even if it wanted to join the EU it wouldn’t be able to. For starters, Spain would veto its membership, and probably a number of other EU countries would do the same. So, independence for Catalonia would mean adios EU, leaving Catalonia free to fully trade with Russia. This is only a small aspect in the independence scheme of things, yet I see it as yet another crack in the rapidly disintegrating American Empire.

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Ichiko Hashimoto – Beauty

I’m not going to go down the rabbit hole again in this post, because more often than not you find yourself having to scrape some incredibly unpleasant stuff off your shoes; so instead some more music: this is the opening track from Ichiko Hashimoto’s third album, which is called ‘Beauty’, and the track is I Love Your Music

Ichiko Hashimoto was born in Kobe in 1952 and spent her formative years in Tokyo. A jazz pianist, composer and singer, I suppose you could describe Hashimoto’s music as a kind of mish-mash between new age, ambient and experimental. This next track from ‘Beauty’ is called Sculptured Blue
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Uranium One

Allegations of corruption (or at least, the latest corruption) regarding Hillary Clinton’s involvement in selling 20% of America’s uranium to Russia have been knocking around since long before last year’s presidential election. In case you’re not aware, uranium is categorised as a strategic asset, because of course you can make nuclear warheads from uranium. Last year none of the mainstream media (aka presstitutes) covered this absolutely dynamite story, a story that they all knew was true. Likewise last year the presstitutes did not properly cover the Wikileaks releases of the DNC and Podesta e-mails, e-mails which showed the total corruption at the heart of American politics.

Amazingly, this week Fox News have been the first of the presstitutes to report on the Uranium One story. It is perhaps a sign of the times that I have to give a Fox News report here…

On a related matter, earlier this month four US military personnel were killed in Niger. Many people were surprised that the US has troops in the African nation of Niger (the US has a large and ever growing military presence in Africa). We are told that these US troops in Niger are there to fight ‘terrorists’, but needless to say that Niger has the fifth largest uranium reserves in the world.

It’s the same old, same old bullshit.

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Commie Pussies and Mr Blue Sky

As an addendum to my previous post, which was about an apparent violent uprising by the hard left in America, here’s what I find to be an absolutely hilarious interview with one of the supposed leaders of Antifa. This interview is so staged that it’s absolutely gobsmacking. Antifa are described as ‘far left’, or ‘hard left’, or whatever, but never are the politics of such terms actually discussed. All we get is cartoon stuff, and likewise the guy being interviewed here is a cliche long-haired, effeminate lefty, the sort who will make Christian right-wingers in America reach for their guns.

Are people in America so stupid as to fall for such clumsy propaganda? The answer is probably yes…

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that Americans are so dumb that they deserve to be enslaved in the fascist lunatic asylum that is the US of A (I repeat, the Antifa bod in the above video does not talk about left wing politics at all – it’s all completely staged). At the moment the fate of the planet Earth quite literally hangs on the IQ of the average American. God help us…

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Born on the Fourth of November

The official narrative of the Las Vegas massacre keeps changing and has so many holes in it that it’s laughable. Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo gave two press conferences in the days following the massacre. Lombardo was joined by FBI Special Agent Aaron Rouse, who’s in charge of the investigation. This brief clip is from the second press conference…

If interested you can find the complete press conference here. I give the link because the body language between Sheriff Lombardo and Special Agent Aaron Rouse is a wonder to behold.

YouTube is removing videos which say that the Las Vegas massacre was a false flag event. However, if you do a YouTube search for “Antifa 4th November” you get a plethora of videos, and all of them are talking about a violent uprising in the United States of America, on this coming 4th November. This kind of thing is much more incendiary than conspiracy theories about the events in Las Vegas, yet instead of removing the “Antifa 4th November” videos YouTube seems to be promoting them.

Antifa are funded by George Soros and claim to be left wing. The reality is that there’s no left wing in America, outside of socialist parties with tiny memberships (there’s even a Communist Party in America). When people in America talk in a political sense about ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ they are addressing an illusion (likewise with the New York Times and the likes of MSNBC). The left wing in America was almost totally destroyed in the former part of the last century, as the ruling elites became terrified about what had happened with the Russian Revolution (these elites also bankrolled Hitler during the 1930s, knowing that there was every likelihood that the Nazis would attack the Soviet Union). Republicans and Democrats are two sides of what is essentially the same fascist coin. Compare this to just about every other western nation, which have a large constituency of left-leaning voters (in France, for example, the Communist Party has the third largest membership).

If you wanted to cause chaos in America you would install Donald Trump as President. Oh yes, we now have President Trump, and despite everything he’s said and done 40% of Americans still approve of Trump. If you wanted an excuse to roll-out the full-blown police state in America you’d create a phony organisation like Antifa, which would then start a violent uprising against Trump & Co. Oh darn, martial law will just have to be declared. I should add that I’m not talking about the fringes of American society here. This fourth of November stuff is being heavily pushed by the likes of Alex Jones and Lisa Haven, people who have huge audiences.

I just hope I’m wrong about all this. We’ll find out in a little over two week’s time.

Postscript: although I’ve had a Facebook account since about 2008, it’s not a web site I use much, except to give links to my blog posts. Facebook is not allowing me to link to this particular blog post.

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White Light/White Heat

It’s Friday the 13th and the world gets crazier by the day. So, lets have some music, in the shape of the Velvet Underground’s second album, ‘White Light/White Heat’, which was released in 1968. ‘White Light/White Heat’ is not an easy one, folks. With it’s wall of chaotic sound, ‘White Light/White Heat’ is a bit like having your tongue sand papered. People seem to either love or hate this album. One reason people hate it is because it’s quite different from the Velvet’s debut album in 1967, called ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’ and often hailed as one of the most influential albums of all time, but at the time ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’ was a commercial failure. The Velvets ditched Nico and their manager, Andy Warhol, and after extensive touring went into the studio in 1968 and turned up the amps, in both senses of the word. This is the title track from the album, White Light/White Heat

Incidentally, the sound quality on all these tracks is not going to be good, because the sound quality on the original album is appalling, even for back in the 1960s. I wouldn’t advise listening to this album with headphones.

Some would argue that ‘White Light/White Heat’ is the only true Velvet Underground album, since it’s the only one that has the four original members of the band: Lou Reed, John Cale, Stirling Morrison and Maureen Tucker on drums. John Cale left the Velvet Underground shortly after the album was made. This next track is called Lady Godiva’s Operation, and is about a transsexual’s botched labotomy operation…
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Catalonia – the White Knight is talking backwards

I posted this earlier this evening on a discussion board. I was going to hold fire on my blog to await the events in Catalonia during the next few days, because who knows what’s going to happen. However, my post on another board this evening is very relevant, so I’ll duplicate it here…

This Sputnik piece was published in June 2015:

“Spain’s elite has learned a lot by observing their Polish peers, and they realized that they can reap specific benefits by being America’s regional doormat. Inviting the US to use the country as a launching pad for neo-colonizing Africa is supposed to raise its prestige in the eyes of American decision makers, who could then lobby their European (specifically German) underlings to lessen the painful austerity measures they’ve forced upon Spain. If the US could command the EU to enact self-inflicting damage with their anti-Russian sanctions, then there’s no question they could also order it to relieve their pressure on Madrid as a political reward to their proxy.

Another benefit that Spain’s leaders want to receive from the US is unwavering support against the Catalonian independence movement. Spain wants to scare the US into falling for a 21st-century ‘domino theory’ in order to anchor its Atlantic ally’s unconditional support for the government, arguing that the independence of Catalonia could lead to a chain reaction of similar movements in Spain’s other regions that would eventually wipe the once-unified country off the map, and with it, America’s new springboard to West Africa. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it further embellishes the fear mongering by hinting that the ‘Catalonian contagion’ could spread throughout the rest of the EU and endanger the US’ other bases, too.”

If interested, some more info…

Also of interest, perhaps, is that Telesur are barely reporting what’s going on in Spain, although Telesur are heavily reporting the satellite that Venezuela have just launched (with the help of the Chinese), and Venezuela have recently announced that they are going to abandon the petrodollar. Here’s the report about the satellite that Venezuela have just launched:

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Torn Muscles

After some recent heavy lifting I’ve now got strained muscles, not just in one arm but in both arms. My right shoulder is particularly bad, but I won’t bore you with all that. It’s difficult to gather your thoughts when you’re in pain, yet I shall attempt to do so here:

The appalling police brutality that took place during Sunday’s Catalonian independence referendum has largely been overshadowed by the massacre in Las Vegas. On Monday the EU Commission put out a statement about the events in Catalonia. The statement said that Catalonia is an internal matter for Spain, and did not specifically condemn the police brutality, despite the fact that it goes against the EU’s core values, as expressed in article 2 of the EU’s founding treaty and article 21 of the charter of fundamental rights. The EU won’t be able to distance itself for much longer, because Catalonia plans to declare independence next Monday. Judging by the state violence witnessed last Sunday, this declaration of independence is not going to have a rosy outcome.

The nightmare aspect of what’s going on in Europe at the moment was further enhanced yesterday, when the state of emergency in France was incorporated into French law, making it permanent. The state of emergency was first introduced nearly two years ago, in the aftermath of the November 2015 terror attacks in Paris, and it was only supposed to last for three months. Since then the state of emergency has been extended seven times, following various terror attacks, and now it’s written into law (there was another ‘terror attack’ in France last Sunday, just to jolly things along). The now permanent state of emergency is a serious erosion of civil liberties. Amongst other things it allows the security services and police to act without judges’ approval or judicial oversight, to carry out night raids, and to place people under house arrest. Right from the start it was planned to make the state of emergency permanent, but there have been massive public protests against it. The surprising thing is that the new state of emergency law breezed through the French parliament yesterday, with 415 lawmakers voting for it, and just 127 voting against it. When the state of emergency was introduced two years ago the EU did make some noises about it…

“It was with some concern that I learned that its extension appeared to be under consideration,” the pan-European human rights watchdog’s president Thorbjoern Jagland wrote in a letter to French president Francois Hollande on Monday (25 January).

“I would like to draw your attention to the risks that could result from the prerogatives conferred on the executive by the provisions that apply during the state of emergency if they are not accompanied by appropriate safeguards from the point of view of respect for fundamental freedoms,” Jagland wrote.

… but now that the state of emergency has been permanently written into law, as far as I’m aware the EU haven’t said a peep about it, despite it being a quite blatant step towards the police state. This, on top of what’s going on in Spain, which also seems to be going down the police state route.

One French deputy who voted against that new law yesterday is Jean Luc Mélenchon, an independent standing under a mass movement he founded called La France Insoumise (Unbowed France). Mélenchon is often described as a ‘hard left firebrand’, but in old money he’s centre left. Here he is speaking in the French parliament last summer. Mélenchon is mainly addressing the reforms to employment laws that Macron is pushing through by presidential decree, but he’s also addressing the neo-con agenda that more and more people are waking up to (there should be English sub-titles on the video, but if not click on the first little icon on the right of the toolbar).

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The Empire – A Day In The Life

Yesterday was certainly eventful in the American Empire. Things kicked off with the Catalonian independence referendum, and we started seeing scenes of incredible police brutality towards perfectly peaceful people who were trying to cast a vote (yes, the independence referendum was illegal under present Spanish law, but the violent way in which the state reacted to it has never been seen before in western Europe in modern times). Then, while images of the state violence in Catalonia were flooding social media, we had two ‘terror attacks’, one in Canada and one in France, in Marseille (which is not a million miles from Catalonia). The day was rounded-off by the worst mass shooting incident in modern American history, which took place in Las Vegas. This mass shooting has completely dominated today’s news cycle. What to make of it all?

What we saw yesterday in Catalonia was the veneer of the Empire stripped bare, to reveal the extreme violence within. Anyone who goes against the wishes of the Empire gets totally crushed (watch what happens if Jeremy Corbyn becomes the next UK prime minister). The Empire’s power comes from its dominance of global finance (mostly the petrodollar), the biggest military machine the world has ever seen and the biggest propaganda machine ever seen. So what do I mean by the ‘American Empire’? Well, I would say it’s a combination of a totally corrupt right wing American government (Republican and Democrat – there’s no real difference between them) and trans-national corporations. In otherwords it’s fascism writ large. Just about all the countries in the ‘western sphere of influence’ are vassal states of the Empire, with no real independent foreign policy or independent financial system. Trudeau in Canada, May in Britain and now Macron in France are prime examples of Empire lackeys. They quite blatantly don’t work for their people, so why do people vote for them? why do people buy into this shit? Cue the biggest propaganda machine in history.

When trying to interpret yesterday’s events you have to take into account that the Empire is incredibly psychotic and violent, and it’s an Empire that’s now in its death throes, and so is trying to roll out the full-blown police state to try and preserve itself.

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