The Paris to Peking Challenge

Project Proposal

The 2002 Paris to Peking Challenge
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Itinerary and Costs:

The itinerary depends almost entirely on how much funding the Paris to Peking Challenge gets. The itinerary shown below is the absolute minimum - ie, the cheapest - required to be able to coherently retrace the journey of Prince Scipione Borghese and write reports about it.

Obviously, the more funding the Paris to Peking Challenge gets, the more time we can take to explore the human history and natural history of the areas we pass through.

The Paris to Peking Challenge Itinerary

Day 1. Paris (Mile Zero).
Day 2. Paris to Cologne   303 miles/484km   (Mile 303)
Day 3. Cologne to Berlin   360 miles/576km   (Mile 663)
Day 4. Berlin to Warsaw   373 miles/596km   (Mile 1036)
Day 5. Warsaw to Riga   411 miles/657km   (Mile 1447)
Day 6. Riga to St. Petersburg   352 miles/562km   (Mile 1799)
Day 7. St. Petersburg   (Mile 1799)
Day 8. St. Petersburg to Moscow   445 miles/712km   (Mile 2254)
Day 9. Moscow   (Mile 2254)
Day 10. Moscow to Kazan   495 miles/793km   (Mile 2749)
Day 11. Kazan to Yekaterinburg (Siberia)   547 miles/875km   (Mile 3296)
Day 12. Yekaterinburg to Omsk (Siberia)   563 miles/900km   (Mile 3859)
Day 13. Omsk to Novosibirsk (Siberia)   392 miles/627km   (Mile 4251)
Day 14. Novosibirsk to Krasnoyarsk (Siberia)   476 miles/761km   (Mile 4727)
Day 15. Krasnoyarsk   (Mile 4727)
Day 16. Krasnoyarsk to Irkutsk (Siberia)   680 miles/1087km   (Mile 5407)
Day 17. Irkutsk   (Mile 5407)
Day 18. Irkutsk to Ulan-Ude (Siberia)   285 miles/456km   (Mile 5692)
Day 19. Ulan-Ude to Ulan Bator (Mongolia)   411 miles/657km   (Mile 6103)
Day 20. Ulan Bator   (Mile 6103)
Day 21. Ulan Bator to Erenhot (China)   449 miles/719km   (Mile 6552)
Day 22. Erenhot to Fengzhen (Great Wall of China)   225 miles/360km   (Mile 6777)
Day 23. Fengzhen to Peking (Beijing)   338 miles/541km   (Mile 7115)
Day 24. Peking (Beijing)   (Mile 7115)

Fast Itinerary, Paris to Peking: 24 days to drive 7115 miles/11,455 kilometres. (averages 296 miles/480 kilometres per day)

If the car is still in one piece after this journey, it will be desirable to ship it back to Europe. This can be done from either Shanghai or Hong Kong. For Shanghai add another 4 days to the itinerary; for Hong Kong add another 5 days to the itinerary.

How much will it Cost..?

All costs shown here are in Pounds Sterling. Amounts shown in brackets are the equivalent in US dollars, going on an exchange rate of $1.6 = £1. Daily expenses are based on two people sharing.


The Citroen Traction Avant does approx. 30 miles to the gallon.
7115 miles divided by 30 miles to the gallon = 237 gallons of petrol required for the journey.
237 gallons of petrol @ approx. £2.73 per gallon/60p per litre = £650 ($1035) fuel costs.

Overnight accomodation, meals, incidental expenses, insurance, etc @ £150 per day.
£150 per day X 24 days = £3600 ($5760).

Air fare for two people, Beijing to London = £1000 ($1600)

Total expenses = £5250 ($8400)


The Car

To buy a good condition CitroŽn Traction Avant = £5000 ($8000)

To ship the car back from China to Europe = £1000 ($1600)

Extra five days added to the itinerary to get the car down to Hong Kong = £800 ($1280)

Total car expenses = £6800 ($10,880)


£5247 expenses + £6800 car expenses = £12,050 ($19,300) inclusive cost of The Paris to Peking Challenge.

This inclusive cost is not a fixed sum, since fluctuating exchange rates and conditions on the ground in the various regions effect the price of things. It is, however, a fairly accurate estimate of how much a fast itinerary, Paris to Peking, will cost. For a longer itinerary, add £170 ($275) for each extra day.


Not so long ago it was just about impossible to take a private car to countries like China. Now restrictions have been relaxed and it can be done, providing you make an application to the relevent authorities beforehand. Likewise with Russia and Mongolia.

The granting of official permission to drive in these countries also encompasses road insurance, etc. To get that official permission it helps if you have sponsors in the countries concerned. Rob has a lot of contacts in Russia/Siberia, and a very strong contact in China. Rob does not know anyone in Mongolia, but on previous visits to this country the British Embassy in Ulan Bator have always been very helpful.


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The 2002 Paris to Peking Challenge
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