Commuter Lucre
An installation by Rob Godfrey
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Commuter has been designed down to the minutest detail. All the materials for its construction have been sourced and costed. The only thing now required in order to turn Commuter into a reality is filthy lucre; aka, money. But how much money..? Well, the material cost of Commuter comes in at around 22,000 Euros (approx. USD$30,000).

Commuter is an interactive installation, and it could be financed interactively as well, with site visitors donating towards its cost. This could be a first: an artwork coming into being via donations on the internet.

Rob Godfrey has been totally honest about what Commuter is and what it does:- on this web site there is no attempt to blind readers with science, there are no overly ambitious claims in order to impress, there is no unsubstantiated science produced to support Rob's own theories. On these web pages, Commuter has been explained as clearly and as succintly as possible. Anyone who's kind enough to make a donation should be clear about the following...

Commuter is first and foremost an artwork.

The attempt to create artificial intelligence is just that, an attempt: it cannot be guaranteed to work.

Due to rules laid down by the financial institutions, Rob is unable to accept donations online directly by credit and debit cards. However, you can still use credit and debit cards to donate anywhere between 5 and 50 Euros via this page...

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... where you can buy Rob's ebook. You can also donate directly by using electronic transfer of funds (money wire):

                        IBAN:   PT50 0038 0249 05530809771 31

                        Swift Code:   BNIF PT PL

All donations, however small, will be gratefully received and help towards the cost of building a totally unique artwork.

e-mail: rob@spiderbomb.com