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Stephen Ennis is a twelve-year-old who attends the Catford Reformatory School for Boys. As part of a recent class assigment he interviewed Comrade Smith. Here is the transcript of that historic interview...

STEPHEN: er, Mr Smith, what is your favourite colour?

COMRADE SMITH: hello there, Stephen, you seem like a bright little boy. My favourite colour is, red.

STEPHEN: how old are you?

COMRADE SMITH: age is irrelevent. It is wisdom that counts and a firm belief in the victory of Socialism.

STEPHEN: why did you form the Anarchy Council?

COMRADE SMITH: (chuckling) it is the Council for Revolution, Anarchy and the Proletariat.

STEPHEN: my Dad says that you are a pinko commie fag?

COMRADE SMITH: ... your Dad is a capitalist whoremonger.

STEPHEN: what's a capitalist whoremonger?

COMRADE SMITH: you're too young to understand such things.

STEPHEN: do you have a job?

COMRADE SMITH: my job is to release the proletariat from their slavery.

STEPHEN: where do you get money to buy things?

COMRADE SMITH: I live very simply and devote myself to the cause.

STEPHEN: you are on the dole?

COMRADE SMITH: I am part of the repressed workers, fighting for equality and justice.

STEPHEN: ...my Dad says that they should put people like you in the army.

COMRADE SMITH: see my previous answer.

STEPHEN: what?

COMRADE SMITH: ask your Mother.

STEPHEN: how many people are there in your movement?

COMRADE SMITH: the movement is made up of a provisional Workers and Peasants Government, which is called the Council of Peoples Commissars.

STEPHEN: what does it do?

COMRADE SMITH: the administration of the different branches of the Council is entrusted to commissions, who work closely with the mass organisations of working-men, working-women, sailors, soldiers, peasants and clerical employees.


COMRADE SMITH: each Commission is headed by a Peoples Commissar, who reports directly to the All-British Congress of Workers, Peasants and Soldiers Deputies, and its Central Committee.


COMRADE SMITH: we have Commissions for Agriculture, Labour, Military and Naval Affairs, Commerce and Industry, Popular Education, Justice, Post and Telegraph, Railroads, etc. The Commissions are controlled directly by a Peoples Commissar.

STEPHEN: how many people are there in your organisation?


STEPHEN: what are your aims..?

COMRADE SMITH: to release the proletariat from their slavery and to continue the war against bourgeoisie terrorism.

STEPHEN: you are fighting a war..?

COMRADE SMITH: we wage a constant battle on the Socialist front.

STEPHEN: where did you get your military training?

COMRADE SMITH: the Sea Cadets.

STEPHEN: who are your heroes?

COMRADE SMITH: my heroes..? oh, let's see, Chou En Lai, Trotsky, Nobby Stiles.

STEPHEN: who do you most admire?


STEPHEN: what about Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky?

COMRADE SMITH: Trotsky once said,'The revolution does not choose its paths: it made its first steps towards victory under the belly of a Cossacks horse'.

STEPHEN: do you think you are insane?

COMRADE SMITH: I must be insane to allow a little brat like you to interview me...

(at this point the interview ended)