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The Council for Revolution Anarchy and the Proletariat

The Year in Focus


  LATEST NEWS, January 2000...

The Council for Revolution, Anarchy and the Proletariat demand that all litter bins be removed from the streets of London. Litter bins are a symbol of Capitalism and the consumer society, and are another example of bourgeois decadence and control. Ban the Bins and let the Workers and Peasants go free under Revolutionary Socialism!
  • A virulent strain of flu is ravaging the chimpanzee population of South America. The C.R.A.P. along with S.I.C. (Save our Indigenous Chimpanzees) have started a campaign to provide mass innoculations for the South American chimpanzees. A CRAP and SIC fund raiser was held at Catford Community Hall last weekend and we confidently expect to be airlifting vets into South America within the next few weeks. S.I.C. will be on the ground providing support.

  • Comrade Smith was arrested last week after exercising his democratic right to freedom. The incident took place on Catford Broadway, where Comrade Smith tried to discard an empty cigarette packet. A fascist pig by the name of Constable Miller appeared on the scene and began to abuse our leader. Comrade Smith tried to reason with Constable Miller, but this Capitalist controlled robot was deaf and dumb to the truth. In the ensuing scuffle Comrade Smith was severely beaten on the finger and he is now taking the Metropolitan Police to the Hague War Crimes Tribunal.

  • The Bishop of Lewisham continues to spit bile from his pulpit. In last weeks sermon 'Bishy' denounced CRAP plans to turn cemetaries into campsites for asylum seekers. Bishy had better watch his words, for when Socialist Revolutionary Britain comes he could well be an asylum seeker himself!


  LATEST NEWS, February 2000...

The Council for Revolution, Anarchy and the Proletariat endorse Comrade Ken Livingstone as the next Mayor for London. We invite Comrade Ken to denounce the New Fascist Labour Party, and the reactionary traitor, Blair, and to take all measures to oppose the adventure which might menace the conquests of the Revolution and the victory of the Proletariat. That time is near; when tyranny falls the people will rise, great and free!

  • CRAP have joined forces with the CIST (Committee of the Intelligentsia and Socialist Trotskyites) in the fight for justice. The CIST and CRAP believe that the British Government must obey the will of the people. To this end, Comrade Godfrey, President of the CIST, has formed a Revolutionary Committee of Workers and Deputies. Comrade Godfrey will be acting Commissar of this Revolutionary Committee. His first proclamation will be a demand to the British Government that they abolish the bourgeois tax on alcohol and tobacco.

  • Mr AW Fowler is refusing to pay the Council Tax and will go to jail on behalf of the British people. The CIST and CRAP support his stand against the reactionary forces of imperialism and will hold a mass demonstration outside Lewisham Town Hall. The CIST, CRAP and Mr AW Fowler demand the immediate removal from the ranks of the Local Government of the political adventurer, the Mayor, as one who is scandalizing and ruining the great Revolution, and with it the revolutionary masses, by his shameless political blackmail on behalf of the bourgeoisie.

  • Earlier this month a collection was held for EMLAB (Ethnic Minority Lesbian Amputees against the Bomb) at the Nunhead Swimming Baths. 12.52 was raised for this worthy cause and our thanks go to everyone who gave so generously.



The C.R.A.P. Mandate for the People

"The Council for Revolution Anarchy and the Proletariat calls upon the workers and peasants of the United Kingdom to support with all their energy and all their devotion the Proletarian Revolution. The Council expresses its conviction that the city workers, allies of the poor peasants, will assure complete revolutionary order, indispensable to the victory of Socialism. The Council is convinced that the proletariat of the countries of western Europe will aid us in conducting the cause of Socialism to a real and lasting victory."

Comrade Smith