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Welcome Citizen No:

CITIZENS! The money that the British Broadcasting Corporation has is yours, the people's money acquired by your labour, your sweat, your blood. CITIZENS! Denounce the political terrorism of the BBC and let the airwaves go free under Socialist Revolutionary Britain!

Who we are...

Our leader, Comrade Smith, formed the C.R.A.P. (Council for Revolution, Anarchy and the Proletariat) as a reactionary measure against the bourgeoisie and their political terrorism.
Long live revolutionary, popular, Socialist Britain!

Comrade Smith Says ...   Every soldier, every worker, every real Socialist, every honest democrat, realises that there are only two alternatives to the present situation.

Either the power will remain in the hands of the bourgeois-landlord crew, and this will mean every kind of repression for the workers, soldiers, and peasants, continuation of the war, inevitable hunger and death...

Or, the power will be transferred to the hands of the revolutionary workers, soldiers, and peasants; in that case it will mean a complete abolition of landlord tyranny, immediate check of the capitalists, immediate proposal of a just peace. Then the land is assured to the peasants, then control of industry is assured to the workers, then bread is assured to the hungry, then the end of this nonsensical class war..!

These wise words were inspired by Comrade Smith's capitalist landlord in Catford, south east London. This running dog of the imperialist warmongers has made unacceptable levy demands, so Comrade Smith is now taking the fight for truth and justice to the people.

Comrade Smith's philosophy...
Comrade Smith Says ...   The counter-revolutionary plotters are planning to take advantage of this insurrection to destroy the Revolution, open the front and wreck the constituent assembly... stick stubbornly to your posts! Do not come out!
Well, er, that explains Comrade Smith's philosophy. If you agree with his views, if you want to join C.R.A.P. or if you want to make a donation to our cause please hurry to contact us.

E-mail: crap@spiderbomb.com

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  LATEST NEWS, October 2000...

  • The third All-British Congress of Revolutionary Socialists was held last month at the Rose and Crown, Peckham. CRAP put forward a motion demanding the immediate arrest of the Director General of the BBC and his capitalist lackeys. This motion was seconded by EMLAB (Ethnic Minority Lesbian Amputees against the Bomb), who called for the Director General to be brought before a tribunal of the people. Comrade Godfrey, President of the CIST (Committee of the Intelligentsia and Socialist Trotskyites), also supported the motion and added that the BBC should be sent down the mines.

  • The foul odour of the FART has been wafting across the streets of Catford this month. FART have been spewing their poisonous bile through peoples letter boxes. If you've received any literature from the Facist Army of Reactionary Tories we urge you to burn it without delay! The only good FART is a FART that goes up in flames!

  • Due to unacceptable increases in the bourgeois tax on tobacco and alcohol, and a large fine that Comrade Smith has to pay for refusing to buy a TV Licence on behalf of the repressed masses, the Council for Revolution, Anarchy and the Proletariat sadly regret that our membership fees will have to increase by 500% this year.

  • At the beginning of the month, WART (Workers Army of Revolutionary Trotskyites) were out on the streets of Catford with their collection tins. They aim to raise enough money to issue decrees on peace, land, workers control over industry, the arming of the working-class, and to pay their rent. WART plans to set-up a direct action arm called the Socialist Committee of Anti-facist Bolsheviks. We wish both WART and SCAB well in their fight for truth and justice.

The C.R.A.P. Mandate for the People

"The Council for Revolution, Anarchy and the Proletariat calls upon the workers and peasants of the United Kingdom to support with all their energy and all their devotion the Proletarian Revolution. The Council expresses its conviction that the city workers, allies of the poor peasants, will assure complete revolutionary order, indispensable to the victory of Socialism. The Council is convinced that the proletariat of the countries of western Europe will aid us in conducting the cause of Socialism to a real and lasting victory."

Comrade Smith

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Das C.R.A.P. Ersucht Vollmacht für die Leute

"Der Rat für Umdrehung Anarchy und das Proletariat die Arbeiter und Landarbeiter des Vereinigten Königreichs, um zu unterstützen mit ihrer um ganzer Energie und ihre ganze Hingabe die proletarische Umdrehung. Der Rat drückt seine Überzeugung, daß die Stadtarbeiter, Verbündete der armen Landarbeiter, kompletter revolutionärer Ordnung versichern aus, unentbehrlich zum Sieg von sozialismus. Der Rat ist überzeugt, daß das Proletariat der Länder von Westeuropa uns hilft, wenn er leitet die Ursache von sozialismus zu einem realen und dauerhaften Sieg. "

Kamerad Smith

Le C.R.A.P. le mandat pour le peuple

"Le Conseil pour la révolution Anarchy et le prolétariat invite les ouvriers et les paysans du royaume uni au support avec de la toute leur énergie et toute leur dévotion la révolution prolétaire. Le Conseil exprime sa conviction que les ouvriers de ville, alliés des pauvres paysans, assureront la commande révolutionnaire complčte, indispensable ŕ la victoire du socialisme. Le Conseil est convaincu que le prolétariat des pays d'Europe de l'ouest nous aidera en conduisant la cause du socialisme ŕ une vraie et durable victoire."

Comrade Smith

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