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Comrade Smith's Poetry

Comrade Smith was a sensitive child and started writing poetry at an early age. His work was often misunderstood but despite this by the time he was seven he had already received poetry prizes and had seen his poems published. Here is a review of one of his more recent collections...

"At his best, Smith is perceptive and quick-witted; toiling workers, greedy capitalists, socialist factories: these are some of his characteristic bric-a-brac, and poems in which they feature add up to an allegiance to a kind of grubby urban socialist tradition tinged with unsentimental nostalgia. Smith is a poet with a lot to say. Despite the familiarity of the subject, all of it's interesting, none of it's secondhand. A collection to read, and to re-read with increasing pleasure."
                                                  A. Smith (no relation)

Now the very best of Comrade Smith's work has been gathered together in one collection. Such classics as Red Star, Capitalist and The Factory make up SONGS OF SOCIALISM...


          Red Star

Oh hanging orb
Blood red bawb
Drip drip
Across the green and socialist land
Toiled by workers hand
From near and far
In cart and car
They see the red star.



Wearing his top hat, puffing on cigar
The evil Capitalist gets into his car
Exploiting the workers all day and all night
Giving old socialist ladies a fright
Kidnapping babies to work down the mine
Starving the poor and colluding in crime
Giving the sick and disabled a whack on the wrist
The evil, greedy capitalist.


          The Factory

Bang thump bang thump bang thump
The wheels of socialist industry turn
And no one has got the ump
The happy workers cry with joy
The bourgeoisie bankers are out the door
Exploitation has gone down the sump
Red dawn has arrived
Bang thump bang thump bang thump.


SONGS OF SOCIALISM will lift your heart and mind and is available now from C.R.A.P. Publications for only 9.99 plus packing and postage.

SONGS OF SOCIALISM is a collection of poetry that you will treasure down the years, and by buying it you will also be helping the cause of Revolutionary Socialism. What better reason could there be for owning this wonderful collection of poetry?

The C.R.A.P. Mandate for the People

"The Council for Revolution Anarchy and the Proletariat calls upon the workers and peasants of the United Kingdom to support with all their energy and all their devotion the Proletarian Revolution. The Council expresses its conviction that the city workers, allies of the poor peasants, will assure complete revolutionary order, indispensable to the victory of Socialism. The Council is convinced that the proletariat of the countries of western Europe will aid us in conducting the cause of Socialism to a real and lasting victory."

Comrade Smith